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Super shallow well? Answered

So I am building a small cabin in the woods near my house, It is on a very small ridge to the gully below. In the gully I dug a test hole for my well and had a hole at under two feet that fills up immediately when you scoop it out. Should I stay in this spot or will the water be bad?? I doubt if I can go very deep because the hole is now filled with water and there is about two feet of rock just under the surface I know because I dug a hole for something else nearby. Drilling of any sort is not an option as the rocks are to large. Should I just move nearby and try to go deep in that spot. I might get four feet in another spot. Thanks!! 


I drilled 20 feet deep using a hand powered auger pictured here. You just keep adding pieces of pipe to the length. It took me and my brother 3 or 4 hours to go 20 feet deep and we didn't even work up a sweat. We didn't hit ANY rocks though. rocks would stop you if they were very large. These types of hand drills are only available at one hardware store I have ever seen here in the USA. Tru-value hardware is where I have seen them.


I could get one of those, but at Home Hardware in Canada they are about 70 bucks and I probably wouldn't use it much. There are a lot of rocks where I am that would likely be a problem also. Looks like Ill have to wait till fall and dig it by hand:(


3 years ago

You might have to wait when the water is not running and do something deeper and more permanent then. I am shure the water volume changes with the season so wait for the dry season. Also you want to get down to where the flow is more stable anyway otherwise you might have just a dry hole for part of the time.

Im sure it probably is dry sometimes it is just a tiny stream so it definitely fluctuates. Ill do something more permanent in the summer thanks for the help!!

Unless there is any reason to think the water may be contaminated it should be OK.

Be aware that unless you protect it animals will come to drink in it at night (and worse)

As a basic precaution in drinking any water not previously treated I wouold boil it for 10 mins before use or use treatement chemicals.

I was going to case it and put a pitcher pump up off the ground so animals wouldn't be a problem. I think Ill use it for the winter and dig a good one in the summer. I would never drink untested water straight anyway so thats also not problem. Thanks for the help!!