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Superhero Answered

If you could create a superhero, what would their powers/abilities be? How did they get them? What's their background/story? Do they have enemies? Allies? What would they look like? What is their personality? Do you have artwork/pics that you wish to share?


He sees all truth, and through all lies and misrepresentations.
Hid dad is a shape-shifting-Illuminati-reptilian, but he had disagreements with him... Enemies: the parents, advertising executives, politicians, game-show-hosts etc. allies: crackpots (or are they?)
Personality: confused and angry, unable to reconcile him self to the world in which he lives, but determined to let someone feel his boot for it.
No artwork, sorry.


hmmm, and by day he is some mild-mannered accountant-type chief in charge of some numpties in the windowless office...quite obvious.

Yes I can see that, nips into the stationary-cupboard for a quick change...


Probably Martian Manhunter type because you could litterally do ANYTHING think invisibility telepathy EVERYTHING!

Here is a Venom (chemical) eyebot (look familiar?)(green iris), A Flame eyebot (red iris), and a Shock eyebot (yellow iris)(the shock eyebot has technopathic abilities (the ability to manipulate technology), and is dissassembling a large semi truck in air).

eyebot-chem.jpgeyebot-flame.jpgEyebot techno.jpg

Personally, my superhero is the charactar in my profile image. He is an Eyebot (nickname because of his head shape) and he has different abilities depending on the color of his "iris". There are aproximately ten thousand eyebots all together. The story starts out that he (#117) and the other 9,999 of his number were constructed after artificial intelligence was fully developd. The nerve endings in a normal human brain were duplicated in ciruit form and enhanced. Eyebots made humans obsolete, but chose to be commanded by them. Eventually, humans grew suspicious that they would threaten the existence of humans by corrupting the government, and so all ten thousand were put into stasis on the moon. The eyebots hacked into their hibernation pods before entering stasis, so they could (in thirty years) escape. The day finally came. The pods opened, and the eyebots built an underground base on the moon and gradually over a year, they were all on earth... well, all but one. The 117th eyebot's pod malfunctioned and stayed shut until the lock short circuited and it opened (twenty years after the eyebots returned from exile on the moon). Eyebot 117's memory core hard drive recieved errors in the initial reboot (he can't remember who he is, etc...). Eventually discovering the moon base, he uses the last escape pod to enter earth. The rocket has deteriorated as well, and he crashes in a desert in Nevada. Eventually following bread crumbs to an eyebot outpost base, he learns the location of their headquarters. Upon reaching his headquarters whislt avoiding human eyes, he is greeted with celebration for his arrival and he learns about eyebots with powers. Eyebots that are powered by flame, can attack/defend themselves using fire, water eyebots do the same, etc. Each "type" of eyebot has their own base in a secret location. Eyebot travels reuniting his powered numbers together and eventually he is discovered by the humans. During this, the scientist who created eyebot was murdered and his notes, logs, diagrams, etc. were stolen by a darker rival scientist and a new powered eyebot (Eyebot X) is created with dark (negativly charged photon) powers. X's breed multipies to create an army with two goals in mind: Destroy humans, and destroy (regular) eyebots. Eyebot befriends the humans and with the help of their military and his eyebot armies, (temporarily) defeats X and his black eyebot army. An eyebot is usually similar in behavior to a normal human in decision making, judgment, and emotions (remember-his brain was copied from a human's), but his logic and intelligence is higher by 500%. Approximatly 6 feet tall, 183 lbs., he can lift objects that are twice his body weight (unpowered/normal). Other types can lift five to seven times their bocy weight and can perform a large variety of attacks/defenses/skills depending on their power type.

Definitely a radioactive super-being of immense strength and intellect, with LASER eyes. Powers attained by exposure to extreme ionising radiation (but not the sort that makes you green when you get stroppy)
Personality: insane and belligerent, but with a vengeful motive against "The Man". Possibly some mild mannered nuclear scientist that made a mistake and got fired...

(no artwork to share, but listen to attached mp3)