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Superheros are real! Answered

Yes, you read that right, superheros are for real!
Everyone said you were nuts, but you always knew it!

The official superheros index.
Another website bringing superheros together.

Here is a look at a few of the estimated 150-200 real life superheros known to exist:

Mr. Silent: Probably my personal favorite, he reminds me of batman. A practicer of martial arts, he is considered to be a true masked vigilante. He actually goes around at night, looking for people who are getting mugged, and intervenes.

Angle grinder man: He may not be able to single-handedly and totally cast off the repressive shackles of a corrupt government -but he can cut off your wheel-clamps for you.

By day an odd-job man, this superhero goes around by night in a blue suit and red cape, wandering around Kent and London cutting the wheel-clamps, or "boots", as they're known in the US, off imprisoned cars. He even has a website you can visit, and a number to call to request boot removal.


Yeah, I've heard of most of these.

Really? I just now heard...I miss all the cool news when it first comes out!

Hey, I was looking at an interactive map of where they all are, and I found a team of superheros in my city. It is not a major city.

W00t! =)

Cool! LOL you should try to find them! A picture would be worth dozens' of dollars!!!

Hey, not much ever happens around here, don't mock me! :)

Actually, I wasn't mocking you. Seriously, you should try to find them. Take pictures of them, or get an autograph. You don't see a lot of superheroes around, now do you?

Oh, okay then. :) I will totally keep an eye out for them. I'll post if I ever do meet them!


10 years ago

cool, what about the Parking Meter Fairy? He/She goes around putting in a few quarters or dimes, to prevent you from getting a ticket!


10 years ago

I'm pretty sure angle-grinder man and the parking meter fairy are breaking the law. Angle-grinder man for obvious reasons, but there is also (IIRC) a law against feeding other people's parking meters. IIt might be to prevent "parking meter sharks" feeding your meter so your car doesn't get clamped, then using their own clamps and holding your car to ransom or something. Mr Silent is pretty cool though... it's a shame martial artists are usually heavily anti-vigilantism because we could use more people like that.

Hmm, one is missing: Work Experience Boy ;-) a character from the My Hero series