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Support Kiteman from the Comfort of your home and help him win $100! No Purchase or donation needed!!!! Answered

Our dear Kiteman has entered a recent NASA TechBriefs Competition

While sadly, he can't win the $20,000 grand prize, you can help him win $100!

No purchase or donation needed!!!!!!

There is currently a prize fr pageviews, and Kiteman is 5th place, with only 207 pageviews!

Surely, we can help him climb the ranks.

ALL you need to do, to help our friend win some money:

---Click here---

to view his entry, and that's it! You just helped him!

  • If you have more than one computer, visit from all of those!
  • Tell your friends to go to the page! Just to go there, nothing else!!!!

UPDATE- 06/22/08 He's 4th now!

UPDATE- 06/23/08- He's 3rd overall and first in his category! If we keep this up, he can win An HP xw4600 Workstation!!! Tell everyone to go to that page!!!


Thanks for all your support - the contest has now closed to entries (although they may still be counting page views?), and both entries have scored views in the top 10% of entries.

I don't know how detailed or exhaustive the judging will be - winners will not be notified for at least another 21/2 months!

>fingers crossed<

Thor's Shotgun
Cuttlefish Drive

I'm sorry I didn't do as much as I could....but here's to hoping you good luck.... *riiight, here*

Hey, you did loads! I emailed the organisers to ask about the page-views, and they were very careful to remind me that page-views would not influence the judges' decisions. No idea why it takes ten weeks, though...

But there was still a prize for pageviews, that's what I was aiming for.

I can't do anything about the judges.....unless....you want me to....*wink,wink*

Ha, I believe there are over thirty of them...

Good luck! May the Flying Spaghetti Monster layeth the Noodle of Perception upon the judges...

And the Noodle of Fortune upon thine balding noodle...

Right... Anyhoo, I've just found out that they are counting page-views all the way until the end of December.

Sounds good; Oh Great and Powerful Flying Spaghetti Monster, may you in your infinite wisdom turn all Rick Roll links into Kiteman entry links with a mere wave of your Incredible Noodly Appendage. In Pirates name, Ramen!

I just saw a fascinating Discovery Channel piece on Cuttle fish and just how smart the little buggers are ...

I visited both. They are very nice.

Thank you. The ROV is just a re-write of my Manta Drive ible, but I'm quite proud of the shotgun idea - if it works, it could be the biggest "good thing" I've ever done.

sometimes I think the biggest good thing I have ever done is to NOT kill anyone with my experiments of my youth ;-)

LOL, it's like those time-travel stories, somebody travels back to the 1930 and kills Hitler, then gets prosecuted for murdering a harmless ex-soldier rather than for saving the millions who didn't die later.

I just remembered that the "new" Twilight Zone episode, "Cradle of Darkness" has a woman go back in time to become nanny to the child thought to become Adolf Hitler. She literally had to sacrifice her own life in taking the life of this child. The bad part is, the maid that was chasing her, took a wench's baby as substitute; the very baby that would become Adolf Hitler, and so history was not changed as expected...

Yes, but there are consequences to inaction as well as action, and they may not be better :-)

I didn't mean don't, just pointing out the irony - you wouldn't be able to plead innocence on the grounds of protecting all those people, because they wouldn't have been (won't be? Weren't?) in danger after your action.

I know....sorry.....having a bad day today....I am not sure how I am going to get my Cheese track constructed in time, and etc. and so am a little depressed.

You're doing it?

Cool - good luck, less typing, more building, go!

Any suggestions ? I found a length of outside (cheap) paneling in my back room (had forgotten about it since I was unable to physically get back into my tool room for ions now) that will serve as a starting point... *sigh*.

Finding raw materials is going to be rough though :-) where do I get that much stainless steel for instance... :-)

I am sorry I took this thread off topic so far....

Typical. Always straying off the topic, stray cats and Hot Topic....Did I ever tell you the story of how my great-great-great-grate-crate-mate-great-great- uncle Jesse wrangled a bull with his eyelashes and a can of peas? He then blinked it to death and cooked it with a match. I like matches. Fire matches. Boxing matches. Why is boxing called boxing? They aren't boxes.....Or maybe its the ring. But...the ring is square and box like.....while rings are round....round and round.....ring around the rosy...then shouldn't it be box around the rosie? Rosie O'Donnel was a lesbian! WHo would've though?! (I would) Wood? Woody Wood pecker! Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoohoo-hahahahaha!!!!! Ha? Hack saw! Like that movie, Saw! I saw Saw! You saw Saw? Yeah, I saw it this saturday, that Saw movie, and its sequels. Sequel? NOW It's Personal! Persons? People?! Where?!!!!! Where? Who want's to know? Who? DOCTOR WHO! Doctor?! Is there a doctor in the house?! What? This isn't a house? It's the internet? What's that......

Don't look him in the eye. If you look him in the eye he'll attack...

Just ... edge ... away ... nice ... and ... slow...

Thank you for making my day, Goodhart.

I sent the link to my wife (we have cavies) and she really liked it too :-)

B'day-uh, b'day-uh, b'day-uh.....that's all folks. LOL

The quick way?

Lay out a track on the panel with things lying around - string, pens, books. Depending on the dimensions of the panel, make it vaguely straight, or a figure-eight. Print or draw a starting grid and finish line on normal paper, pinned down.

Make sure there are a couple of bends and a narrow section.

Use small, wedge-shaped pieces of cheese, possibly with olives stood beside the wedges in place of wheels (no need to fasten them on, it's all still pictures).

Do a simple stop-motion race - move the cheese, click, move, click, move, click.

I am told (I've never tried it)that you can put the pictures together in Windows MovieMaker by just importing the still images, making them as short as possible, then doubling the play-back speed.

Add sound effects and/or music.


Thank you. I was just now leafing through my copy of The Boy Mechanic looking for ideas on making the incline without a lot of nailing boards together (I have the boards, but lack the nails *sigh*; that seems my lot in life, anyways...) your suggestions give me a few things to work towards....The most time consuming being the actual race, I assume LOL Thanks again...

Blast, they're disappearing off the side! Solution - click play and then click reply to see the full frame, or double-click to go to youtube.

I hope I have taken enough pics....I have to compile them now *sigh*

All it takes is patience and a strong clicking finger.

I can see them ok....thanks. Yes I am hoping to be able to replicate that to some extent. Now, I am off to building the inclined track and hoping the landlord doesn't stop by and wonder what all the noise is about LOL

I'll help ya out.

Just got you 5 more. Good luck, and hope you win.

Use TOR, The Onion Router, it scrambles your IP(Among Other things) , you'll be capable of doing thing like for example... *cough* vote as many time as you want...

Whilst not being complacent, the ROV is still top of it's section (sixth overall). Thor's Shotgun, however, is trailing quite badly.

Always reliable, KK, always reliable.


9 years ago

The manta thing is down to 6th but still leads the machinery division.

I've had another, potentially more useful idea, which will (should my entry pass NASA's rigorous standards) turn up in the Safety and Security category.

Alongside the personal magnetic forcefield designed to end all possible wars - who are these people??