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Surfboard question Answered

Need the advice of experienced surfers, please. I've taken four lessons on a 9' foam board and just bought a used board that is 9'2" x 22.5" at the widest section. I'm wondering if it is going to be OK for me or too much work for me at my beginning level. I'm 6'1, 185 lbs, and in pretty OK shape. Advice? Pointers? Also, any longboarding movies you recommend? Thanks!


Longboarding movies? Two words: Endless Summer.

Paddling is the name of the game, get out and paddle the board even if there isn't any swell. Not only will this strengthen key muscles but you will be able to figure out where you should be positioned on the board. Any time on the water is a good time.


10 years ago

No to what?