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Surgery Answered

I've been under a great deal of stress lately. First off, there's the new school schedule. It cut lunch in half (By the time you get out of line with your food, lunch is over), doubled the amount of homework, and cut the time you have to do that work in half. (It basically scr*wed everyone) This schedule was supposedly based on a school vote (I guarantee at least 90% of the student body voted NO), but those "votes" went strait to the shredder. I've been doing 5-6 hours of homework every night.
To add to this stress, I had my driving test, which I thankfully passed.

That isn't the worst of it though. A few days ago we found a bloody lump on Mazee's neck, and we are worried sick that it is cancer. She went into surgery yesterday to get it removed, and we are anxiously waiting for the test results. Mazee has been crying and moaning all day, and I feel really bad about it.


It was Benign Hemangioma, a non-cancerous tumor.


(I know this is a late response but...) That all sucks. But congrats on a cancer free dog and a passed driving test!

want a stress reliever???

If you're planing to do what I think you are, the answer is no.

Post an irritating video that would more than likely add to the stress.

Have you seen Hot Rod? lol watch this video, he goes to his "quiet place" to relieve his stress, skip to 1:05 for the good stuff :D
Sorry about your dog man, glad its not cancer but i hope she gets better, my dog says get better too :D

no i was posting a video that would do the opposite

I know exactly which video you would post, and I don't want it on this forum.
All I need to do to relieve stress is go into the woods and clear a small forrest* with my machete.

*Not really a small forrest, I don't want to end up like the folks at Easter Island...

which video? soulja boy? whatever you like? party like a rock star? or some other video?

That really sucks. Actually I wouldn't mind a shorter lunch or none at all if it meant I got out ealier. In 9th grade (back in MN) I used to get out a hour earlier, and school was an hour shorter! I really hate this school. Not knowing anyone and just not giving a damn don't help either. Hope it gets better for you

I wouldn't mind a shorter lunch or none at all if it meant I got out ealier.
I wouldn't mind either, but this added an extra hour of school. Nobody likes this new schedule (even the teachers), and nobody understands why they changed it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Exactly! I wish they would just shorten it and get rid of a lot of the classes. 8:50 to 3:50 I used to get out at 2:40!

you are lucky ours is 8.30 to 4.00 and its elementary!

My elementary was 8:30 to 4:30

I would be so mad if that was the time we had to be in school at. For both elementary and high school it starts at 8:15 and elementary gets out at 2:35 and we get out at 2:45.

Lucky! By the time I get home its too late to do anything. I used to get out at 2:40 and then I had about 4 hours before it got dark.

When I rode the bus home in elementary school I would get home, put off doing my homework for a while by watching Arthur or something and then I'd do my homework and by then I couldn't have anyone come over or anything. Actually now I don't get home until 5 or 5:30 because of volleyball practice.

I did the same thing. Now I don't get home until 5:30 because of MESA or the electric fiat

I'm kind of glad I get home so late though. And I don't have to ride the bus :D

My parents get mad at me when I walk home. I think they think something bad will happen to me even though it really isn't that far from the school.

I've been complaining about them not letting me ever borrow the truck (I've been driving for a year, but never without my parents), so they don't mind. I walk about an hour and fifteen minutes a day just to school and back.

Once I can drive I'll probably be complaining about how my parents won't let me drive anywhere :\ That's a long time to walk to get to and from school...

Yeah, it is too long. The thing that kills me isn't that I can't take the truck or van it's that theres a perfectly fine working Mazda 626 sitting in our garage in MN! Why can't they bring it here and let me use it?!

It's just all too logical to bring it there so you can use it.

Daaayyymn We go from 8:00 to 2:53

Or they could lengthen it by another hour and eliminate homework. That would be nice

I'd rather have homework and an hour shorter (I spend 20 mins average each day)

I remember when I had lunchtimes at school, but I wasn't a teacher then...

If lunchtime is too short to visit the canteen, take sandwiches.

If you're doing 5-6 hours a night, and you're not at university or cramming for exams, then maybe somebody ought to tell the teachers - each may be under the impression that they are the only one setting large homeworks at the moment (I've been guilty of that myself).

I'm afraid I'm the guilty party on the homework part (this applies to writing and artistic homework). I'm pretty meticulous about my work. For instance, my brother and I would get the same assignment, but I'd always put more effort into mine. It's probably why I got a 4.0 last year, or why I got an A in a class that most of the others averaged B or C...

Artistic Homework

I'll take more of that please.

I'd take a little less. To show what I mean, these were assignments where the "A" expectancy was stick figures "with effort". The first few are a final To Kill a Mockingbird project, while the last was a small history assignment.


I'd rather do that then a 4 page essay.. :D

Its nice to see a teacher admit their mistakes.. We need a bit more of that around here..


9 years ago

My lunch period is 30 minutes now, 7 of the periods are 42 minutes long, the other 5 are 30 minutes long.. Instead of the nine 42 minute periods a day like last year. Also I got my schedule changed 12 times in the last 3 weeks. But I have an hour of homework about twice a week.. And gym the last period of the day with my four best friends! I hope it gets better for you Spint..

I also go to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth out in three weeks, which I'm not to worried about.. I only worry that insurance will pay for it..

My dentist has grand plans for my wisdom teeth, he wants to trick it in to replacing a damaged molar by yanking out the molar at the right time... As for the others he has shown little concern about them, they might actually grow up alright!

I think I may have to have mine out soon too-I think I can feel them ruining the excellent results of my braces...

Heh, I had my braces off about a year ago.. Hmm, what grade you in Adrian? :D

*rolls eyes* I've had my braces off for several years now.


How did you get from teeth to games consoles?

Is that a game console? I've never owned any video games, and can count on one hand the number of times I've played any video game, so I wouldn't know...

which is not to be mistaken for a PS/2 LOL