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Surgical Tubing? Answered

Does anyone know a place local (Target, Walmart, Home Depot) where I can buy this, or a water balloon slingshot? Please help and fast, I need this by tomorrow!


I was in Home Depot a few days ago and they sell it there in the plumbing section. Same for Menards and probably Lowes. They sell it normally in 10 foot sections at Home Depot, but Menards sells it by the foot so you can get as much as you need.
Now depending on the water balloons you want to shoot, you could get a waterballoon slingshot at Walmart but it's for small balloons that come with it. It's in what I call the "isle of misfit toys" where the toys are junk plastic and usually a couple of dollars for anything in the isle. If your wanting to shoot bigger ballons go with the tubing.

at home depot its called latex tubing.


7 years ago

Most hardware stores have it, as do most fishing tackle shops (in the Western US anyway). They'll have multiple diameters as well.

Any local drugstore should have it.

Depending on what time you need it tomorrow and local store hours, I would try to find a medical supply store in your area and see if they are open. If not, you can always substitue something like exercise bands from somewhere like Wal-Mart.