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Surprise Sugru Speed Contest Now Open! Answered

Hey everyone! We just launched an awesome Sugru speed contest, Sugru Life Hacks!

You can find the contest page here

Two awesome things about this contest. 

1. Your qualifying entries in the Sugru contest will also qualify for the Humana contest. 

2. We have one prize in the line up that will go to an entry chosen at random from all qualifying entries that don't win another prize. Yep, no votes or judges, just a random number generator! 

So get cracking and make something that helps people live life to it's fullest. 

This contest is open to international entries! 



Boo? with it open to international entries?

I hope so - I just had an idea!


Sugru and birdwatching - what could be better??

Not much! If Sugru gets people outside enjoying nature, we need to get it distributed in schools worldwide.

LOL - I keep meaning to give some to the technology teacher at my school...