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Survival Skills? Answered

Just looking to see what are the most important skills for survival, thought people could give me a hand with ideas?


Thanks myrrhmaid. how would i make the water filter?

Get a hollow stick or reed, fill it with charcoal from a fire-burnt wood chips and pour water thru it. The charcoal acts as a filter and collects bacteria and impurities.

i think building a shelter is most important. Exposure to the elements is the number one killer. Once you have that down then you can waste time on building a fire. There is an old saying, it takes one match to start a forest fire, but a whole box to build a camp fire. Without practice it will take you hours to build a fire.

Fire- use a 9 volt battery and some steel wool

Fishing or hunting tools-knife, spear, bow and arrows, pole, line, hooks

Water filter made from hollow stick and charcoal

Wild edibles knowledge

Wild unedibles to avoid dying from poisoning

Im kind of trying to learn a little in every situation, that way i stay adaptable.

Thanks for all your help though.

1) make fire.

2) a million other things that can't be learned in one short comment.

A lot depends on your reason for asking. If your really interested you need to start reading a lot and perhaps attending one of the many many survival and bush craft courses there are around.

A lot depends on where you are or expect to be - survival is different in different environments.

In the UK Ray Mears and Bear Grylls. are the best known survivalists both run schools. I am sure other countries have some equivalent.

Join the scouts or similar organisation , Learn to build shelters, learn to catch food animals and prep and cook them, learn at least basic first aid, Join this


I used to be a field leader for it in the UK.

Practice, go out camping, don't go far at first. Get used to being alone and relying on your self.


3 years ago

To find the MOST important survival skills you need to check out the list of 3's.

In any extreme situation you cannot survive for more than:

3 minutes without air - 3 hours without shelter

3 days without water - 3 weeks without food.

You judge as to what is the most important!

not to die, food, water, shelter

Know the 101 way to build a fire. No fire no survival. Just start looking at all the bushcraft things you can find here and on Youtube.