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This website is a search engine just like Google or Bing, However this website saves the planet

Search engines like Google place relevant ads alongside the search results, when you click these links the company earns money. To power these searches the company must have massive servers which consume vast amounts of energy and produce a lot of CO2.

Now, When you search using Ecosia you can save 2m2 of rainforest per search, this is because Ecosia donates 80% of their profits to the WWF. The WWF work in places like south america protecting rainforests and their inhabitants. Also Ecosia's servers run on 100% green energy, this means they don't release any CO2 and help to reduce climate change.

"Ecosia is an independent, non-profit website. At least 80% of our search income goes to a rainforest protection program run by WWF, which uses this money for the sustainable protection of rainforests."

I admit it, when I first saw this I thought "nice idea, the search will be rubbish though" BUT i spent about 15 minutes comparing search results with google and bing, trying to find news articles or products and I found that the search engine is actually really good, it sometimes had even better results.

You dont have to go to the website every time you want to search, you can install the search box in you browser, it's not a stupid toolbar, it just goes where your google box is now.

Here are some stats

Total Rainforest Saved
rainforest area that has so far been saved by your searches
6,208,793 yd²
Total Incoming Searches
number of searches so far conducted with ecosia
Saved Rainforest Per Search
the average rainforest area saved by one search
2.36 yd²
Active Ecosia Users
people who have accessed ecosia within the last 24h

WATCH THIS VIDEO, it explains everything in more detail and has more stats.  :)

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Install search-box;

So, if you can, switch to Ecosia, Its just as good searching and they are supporting a fantastic cause



Domain created ~6 years ago, ~2 sq miles protected so far. I dislike figures in units that are obviously chosen to make very little look like something big.
Never the less, thanks for bringing this to my attention.


If you kept changing the units people would get confused.
Anyway, they are not selling you anything, its all in good faith.

There are things about this I don't like. Why have they had the .com for so long? They're asking "us" to "spam" the site around, while Yahoo & Bing could do that for them if they were committed. Mmmm, try plugging sites into here:
www.websiteoutlook.com/ - Instructables is earning 3-400x as much from advertising.


They are not asking you to spam it, they want you to share it with your friends so together you can make a difference, The website isnt as big as instructables but they give 80% of their money away. The idea is you do something simple (switch search engines) and over time by you using it and your friends you give money to a worthy cause.

Maybe they used the .com to work on it and make it work properly i dont know, you dont know, nobody knows so there is no point in speculating.
Yahoo and Bing want to look like they are supporting a worthy cause, but in the long run they dont want to loose any of their users to another search engine so they will do as little promotion as possible.

Maybe its just me but all I see here is website trying to do something positive, nothing to dislike or get suspicious about.

I used the " on that word. Does the model scale-up? Could they buy up most of Brazil if traffic increased 30,000 x?


No they couldn't, and they aren't buying it they are donating to a charity that protects it.

I should have used "protect", but the answer is obviously "no, not without buying land".
Do you think this might channel to other projects if it picks up? There's missing information, so I'm guessing a lot. E.g. I assume that they haven't actually sent the WWF any money yet (being early days) and the headline figure is based upon what area per unit spend WWF protected in the past. If the amount donated to WWF is not directly proportional to area protected (contrary to what the site says) - what will the WWF do with all the cash when they've achieved what they can over there?


Whois shows it was only created in Oct 2009, and it didn't go live until early December.

I like bing, might as well default to this, increase my sense of smug.

That's the .org. The .com is the old one - they look the same to me.


Thats cool !
I wonder how many times you can click it

It claims daily...
But it never stopped me when I clicked it more than once, forgetting that I already had.
Free rice can also be kinda fun.  Good way to widen your vocabulary, too. :P

Yea free rice !
haha i did so much of that in english class

 Way cool, Google should do something like this (like use all renewable energy).
BING?!?!?!? WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?!?!??!

But, aren't they still "using" the same amount of energy?   The donation seems to their way of justifying that use.   But anything is better then the BING censor search engine.  When I use it at work (Bing) because it is default on the MSIE, I tend to have to type in www.google.com just to get the results that BING does not give me.   I don't LIKE microsoft head censuring my search content.

Their servers still consume energy but it is renewable energy e.g. wind, solar, hydro.
They dont need to "justify" using renewable energy because it dosent affect anyone, its carbon neutral

That was the answer I was hoping was going to be forthcoming.  If it is true, then it is worthwhile. Thanks.

Yeah, it's like purchasing carbon offsets as far as I can tell.

Sorry I'm late on this, but you mis-used an apostrophe in the title