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Swapping Rubber-Membrane for Microswitches? Answered

Is it possible to convert a button from using a rubber contact to using a microswitch? The intent I have in mind is to take the buttons on a GBA and make them more like those on the SP/DSi/3DS, but the idea could be applied to any instance of squishy rubber-contacts.

My best guess of how to go about this would be to trace the positive and negative leads into the switch on the circuitboard, then to somehow break that connection and reroute them into the microswitch by soldering wires to them. I need to go double-check the leads are available on the particular board I'm working with, and I wanted to test the general theory using a cheaper board like a TV remote.

Any thoughts?


You may need a resistor in series w new switch.

Generally your rubber switch sits on 2 copper contacts on the PCB and when pushed down a carbon pad bridges them. You could solder a suitable switch across the contacts. Making it look as good visually as the original may be more difficult.

You know, you do not have to break the connections to the conductive rubber button. You can just wire another switch in parallel with that one.

I mean, two, three, ... N open switches in parallel, looks like an open switch. Close any one of them to close the switch.