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Sweet Handmade DS Case Answered

This custom DS case hits the mark perfectly. Too bad they're already sold out.



Somebody's got to make in 'Ible on this. That's just too cool to leave as a tempting picture.

Couldn't we just make our own? Instead of buying them?

I'm totally making one. Actually, I was totally making one before I saw your comment.

When I make one, I'll try... I'm not sure how well it'll work though. I'm still learning to use my machine (it's a Pfaff 230 -- built like a tank, but the bobbin's a b*tch), and I have no idea how to do zippers.

maybe for a PSP but a DS doesnt even get internet

kool, my dads girlfriends kid has one and he doesnt know if its a lite, what the hell an internet is or any kool games for it, he just plays old gameboy games

ah, gaze at its coolness... I NEED that!

some one needs to make an instructable for these

acctually now that i think on it they'd be easy to make esp if you air brushed the controller/gamboy kibble instead of sewed it

yea, the only problem i see is that nintendo would have a copyright on it. so if we made one we could get sued.

You can only get sued if you sold it with the name Nintendo on it. If you use it for yourself you can't get sued, and you can give it to someone as long as you do not get paid in any way. If you make a profit they can sue you. But yes, you can make one.

no, i mean i could get sued if we post instructions for it.

No, you would not get sued if you made instructions for it either, as long as you don't use the word Nintendo anywhere on the product and you say that Nintendo is a registered name of Nintendo of America Inc.