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Sweet parkour video Answered

Damien Walters shows off once again that he can run and jump over and above practically anything. If you have any interest in watching someone showing off some gymnastic skills both on the mat and off, check it out.

via Neatorama


parkour is a sport. the purpose is to move efficently from one point to another. its fun. and safe (if you know how to do it).

 It is not truly a sport. It is a discipline. Being a sport implies that it is competitive. When actually, most Traceurs and Freerunners are against competition.

Freerunning is definitely a sport, however parkour is more of a discipline. (World Freerunning Championships)

 Eh, true. But there are some Freerunner's who don't like competition. Me included XD


8 years ago

Just letting people know, most of this video is him doing freerunning, not parkour.

Nice way to get in a car. Just jump in it.

Coolest part = getting dressed while doing flips down a trampoline.


8 years ago

 Oh how I love Damien, I wish to be as good as him one day.
Sarah, look it up on Youtube. Or go to a local gymnastics place.

 ok, how do I do abackflip??? I don't care what this guy is doing, it's freakin sweet!

sorry to be a technicality guy, but this really isn't parkour, this is more along the lines of freerunning what with all the flips and such, parkour is about getting from point a to point b as fast as you can, freerunning is more aesthetically pleasing, i've done parkour for 3 years, and this year is the first year i tried freerunning, but it really just feels like a waste of time, its like learning a martial arts discipline and then using it to show off to your friends i didn't like it at all

Parkour is awesome, I've always wanted to learn how to do this kind of stuff.


8 years ago

So what would you consider jumping over stuff? A hobby, a sport, what? It's really cool!

It is not language I usually stoop to, but...

O M G!

I saw this on Neatorama. You beat me to post it. Damian Walters is awesome.