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Swiss Army Knife vs Leatherman Answered

What is your favorite multi-tool? My personal favorite is a Victorinox Swisschamp. Also, there are to swiss army knife companies, wenger and victorinox.


Unfortunately about 4 years ago I lost my (I am pretty sure it was victorianox) swiss army knife's. I had two one was a mini and one was regular sized. I want an instructable's laser etched leathermen juice or exo skeleton. I also want a blue swiss army something anniversary credit card knife. I currently have two knifes one being an ancient coleman's the other being a box knife

I've always wanted this knife. Its a Victorinox swiss champ knife.

heres everything its got on it
Weight: 221g

A fully gadget-laden 91mm knife with which MacGyver could fix anything (and with which Red Green could dismantle it again). Contains:

  • Large blade.
  • Small blade.
  • Corkscrew.
  • Can opener with small flat (slot) screwdriver
  • Bottle opener with larger flat (flat) screwdriver with wire stripper.
  • Reamer / sewing awl.
  • Key ring.
  • Tweezers.
  • Toothpick.
  • Scissors.
  • Parcel / multi-purpose hook.
  • Wood saw.
  • Fish scaler.
  • Hook disgorger.
  • Ruler.
  • Nail file.
  • Metal file.
  • Metal saw.
  • Fine screwdriver.
  • Chisel.
  • Pliers / wire cutters.
  • Phillips screwdriver.
  • Magnifying glass.
  • Ballpoint pen.
  • Pin.
  • Mini-screwdriver (ideal for eyeglasses).

so its definitely not short of features!

I want this knife. Swiscamp xavt 

it's got

Large Blade
Small BladeCorkscrew
Can Opener with-Small Screwdriver (also for Phillips Screws)
Bottle Opener with-Large Screwdriver
-Wire StripperReamer
Key RingTweezers
Multi-purpose Hook (Parcel Carrier)Wood Saw
Fish Scaler with-Hook Disgorger
-Ruler (in/cm)Nail File with
-Nail Cleaner-Metal File
-Metal SawFine Screwdriver
Chisel/ScraperPliers with
-Wire Cutter-Wire Crimper
Phillips ScrewdriverMagnifying Glass
Pressurized Ball Point PenStraight Pin
Patented Mini-ScrewdriverSewing Eye
Pharmaceutical SpatulaPruning Blade
Electrician’s Blade with-Wire Scraper
Bit Wrench with-5mm Hex Socket
-4mm Hex Socket-#0 Pozidrive Bit
-#1 Pozidrive BitBit Case with
-4mm Flat Head-#2 Phillips Head Bit
-4mm Hex Bit-#8 Torx Bit
-#10 Torx Bit-#15 Torx Bit
DIP Switch Setter3x1 Slotted Bit
4x1 Slotted Bit#6 Torx Bit
1.2mm Hex Bit1.5mm Hex Bit
2mm Hex Bit2.5mm Hex Bit
Large Blade (serrated edge)LED, white light
Magnifying GlassMulti-purpose Hook with
-Nail FileReamer, Punch
Pruning BladeElectrician’s Blade with
-Wire ScraperCombination Tool with
-Cap Lifter-Can Opener
-Wire StripperWatch Opener
Fine Screwdriver (2mm)Digital Clock
Altimeter – m/ftBarometer
Bit CaseAlarm
Thermometer – °C/°FLifetime Warranty

meh... features aren't everything... the skeletool is STYLISH... and it's better for camping.

Go Victorinox! Swiss Army Knives rule!!!

I know at least three men who own Leatherman but I have yet to see anyone actually use them. It must be a man thing. Ie. If Iv'e got it I can use it, if ever I need it.

KRISBOW 21 in one pocket knive only 5 $!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8 years ago

i'd prefer the knife i had when i served in the bundeswehr... don't know the name but i think it was from victorinox

Leatherman Skeletool

I like the swiss brand alot. Iv moved on from my grandfathers wenger to my victorinox. Iv been really interested in either getting a leatherman skeletool/freestyle or a juice. I like multi tools centered around the blade

My parents wont let me get a knife. D: I only cut off half my finger, they just over-reacted!

Eh... I had a victorinox for a short time, and I didn't like the cork screw, it kept digging into my hand whenever I tried to carve things. I've never even owned a leatherman and I think I already prefer it to a knife.

Winchester Leatherman

i have a chicken top hat

Not to add to the confusion, but I have used my Barlow pocket knife for well over 30 years, and it has given me great service and is convenient. About 4 years ago, I was given the multiblade knife pictured here, and quite frankly haven't taken it out of the package yet for fear of losing the blades....

Mikes Pics 004.jpgMikes Pics 019.jpg

In the first picture, in the section to the left, are 3 compartments, each with sets of blades in them. The knife appears in the section on the right of the first picture. The "holster" is in the second picture, also displaying the corporate name.

I have always carried a knife, ever since I could get away with it. Swiss-style for many years, until I won my Leatherman Juice XE6. It's brilliant, and always in my pocket. #1 son has a Gerber, mainly because it has locking blades.

I have too, since I was about 12-13. Always had it on me, and never once thought of it as a weapon. Now I can't carry one safely into town, because it is a concealed weapon.

Hey, if you're gonna carry concealed, might as well step up to a .357!

Nah, too bulky. If they are going to arrest me, it will be because THEY are being outright stupid (like: "Hey now! that PEN is over 6 inches long, and could be used as a weapon...") :-)

When was the last time you were stopped and frisked?

At the courthouse, when I had to serve jury duty, and I set the metal detector off.....thankfully that was PRE-911 and they didn't make a fuss, just told me to leave it home next time :-) I doubt that I would have found any "toads" to stab with the pocket knife I had on me at the time

That's funny. I accidentally carried a pocketful of .22 rounds up to the airport screener (pre-9/11) and they just had me throw them in the trash. I'm afraid there would have been a much worse outcome if I did that today. Why, these days even ART projects can get you cuffed, stuffed, interrogated, and charged:-)

I can just imagine if I tried to carry my Faberge` style Egg onto a plane (hooked up and flashing) .... *sigh* I still remember days of going out to eat with my parents and "forgetting" to lock the front door, but not needing to worry about it....

I'm still sort of blessed in that way. We live way out in the sticks, and know almost everyone. We only lock the house about half the time. I leave the key in at least one of my cars all the time and a 10 dollar bill in the ashtray. I've told everyone around (except those too young too drive) to take what ever they need in an emergency. But it's funny. I work in a fairly crime ridden city (65 miles from the house), and it's like a whole other (evil) world!

Yeah, around here, although crime is not very high, it is still much too possible to ignore; whether in the country or in the city (I grew up in the country and would really like to be able to afford to move back.....that sounds so backwards, but it has become true *sigh*).

Yep. It was actually cheaper for us when we lived in town. I just want my kids to get the best part of what I had growing up. They pretty much always disturbed the neighbors in town with minor explosions, projectiles and offroad vehicles. I could see it would only get worse. So here we are: poor, noisy and happy!

I know, that neighbors are always angry when you fire projectiles, start tesla coils, or blow something up.

Yeah, especially if I do those things after getting home from work (at 1:00 AM) ;-)

What!? No way. Unless you mean in a different timezone than you are living in.

I work from 4:00 pm to 1:00 am. If I did the things you listed after I got home, the people living above me would be really annoyed LOL

:-) Well, I am poor and I live (within 2 blocks of) the city line.

and they just had me throw them in the trash

There would have been a much worse outcome if they incinerated their trash too LOL

Art projects? My brother always walks through airport security with paintings

I love my Gerber, but the one downside is how close the handles come together. If you're using pressure and the pliers slip, it'll pinch your hand BAD!

Aw, if you love baby food so much, I'll get you a 10 % off coupon...

Where did the baby go? He used his Gerber to get out of the playpen LOL