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Swiss man soars above Alps with jet-powered wing Answered

-BEX, Switzerland

Yves Rossy, a Swiss pilot, strapped on a jet-powered wing and leaped from a plane Wednesday for the first public demonstration of the homemade device, turning figure eights and soaring high above the Alps.

Article on Yahoo!

Other Article in the Daily Mail

So far Rossy and his sponsors, including the Swiss watch company Hublot, have poured more than $285,000 and countless hours of labor into building the device. He would not estimate how much his device would cost should it ever be brought to market.

But, he believes similar jet-powered wings will one day be more widely available to experienced parachutists ready for the ultimate flying experience.

That is, if they don't mind missing out on the breathtaking panorama above the Swiss Alps.

"I am so concentrated, I don't really enjoy the view," Rossy said.

It's finally been done publicly. Man's eternal quest for flight has just gotten one step closer. Is anyone else reminded of Buzz Lightyear for some reason? No? Must be me then...

Who in their right mind would want to fly with a pair of jet-powered wings?

Every single one of you. That's who

WOW! Check out the device in Action!!

Pictures of his flight and preparation can be found here

UPDATE: ToolUsingAnimal has pointed out that this idea has been developed since 1935


Boy, could this guy Yves Rossy write one hell of an instructable!!!!!!!! Talk about a do-it-yourself-er with credentials!

I met him and got his autograph when in switzerland :)

That's not Batman, that's Buzz Lightyear!


buzz lightyear.JPG

Actually, it's the end of the flight that bothers me...

Approaching runwayCheck


Air speed?150knots

Landing gear down?Landing gear??

Talk about hitting the ground running...LOL

Parachute...Yeah Ever gone skydiving? It's a blast. If you could get checked off on one of these I might just do it.

I've never done it myself (mainly because Kitewife doesn't want a paraplegic for a husband), but I can certainly see the attraction.

Although I'm not keen of theme park rides.

i dont like theme park rides either , but i would love to have a go on this!

errr, I meant Wed. morning *sigh* the stress lately has been a bit much....

Ah, beat me to it :-) When I saw this in the newspaper Thurs morning, I was wondering how he landed....folding down left wheel from left wing....folding down the right......blast it, it's stuck.......splat.

can you say I AM IRONMAN!

yes I can. I AM IRONMAN! That wasn't hard!

Dear Santa,

When will one of these personal jetpacks be available to me and whats the age limitation ;-p

Reminds of a video on YouTube my dad and I saw awhile back, 'cept the guy went to Russia to buy rockets to strap to his feet. It actually worked too! He did have one of those Birdman suits on, though.

That's cheating (and I was joking).

That and using larger wings you could quite easily stall about 6 feet above the ground and plop on to your feet...

hmm, that might not be easier said then done low to the ground.

Probably easier than doing it in a plane, I have done it, it gets counfusng if your choice of plane has a long nose, you can't tell when you want to stall, best bet is just to bap it in to reverse about 3 feet above the ground..

When you stall you lose all momentum, granted I was in a plane...

Aye, but it seems to me ( and I am not arguing, but more like thinking out loud so to speak), that when you race in towards the ground, to stall out only a few feet above ground would take a lot of precision.....if it can be done with wings strapped to one's back :-)

It could be difficult in that thing if it doesn't generate much lift to weight, then the stall speed would be higher, meaning you would have to drop on to the ground running, it occurs that some drop down wheels could allow for a reasonable landing, they would simply allow you to come down gracefully, Simple wheels that allow you to come in and keep up a bit witht eh lift, along with toe pads similar to the knepads for motogp...

saw it on the news last night sweet. I want to do it.

Haha!!! I'm quicker than the press!!!

I should get a job as a Paparazzi......or a Pizzarazi........yeah.....


10 years ago

I saw this on the news

I thought that once you posted something to the Internet that it was public. This has been around for years. I get 3 pages of hits on YouTube. But anyway... How does he hold his head upright for so long, especially with a helmet on.

The lowtech 1935 Sanfirov crater was only 1m. If god had meant us to fly she would have given us airline tickets.

Someone invented the airline tickets......so technically we got em anyway...

cool, I wouldn't trust my life to something I made myself. When I assembled my basketball hoop I swore it would break within a month, but it's stil fine. so now you're yellow?

BLAST! Why did I know my idea was to good to be totally undeveloped?

I know how you feel, except imne involves a bicycle... I figured attaching wings and jet engines to one would look very confusing to the world at a certain angle...

I knew that.

He actually started working on the prototype in 1935, not only is this dude hardcore, he's old! ;-)

no, it says that wasnt him. It says he further developed this device. The one in 1935 was another person called Sanfirov

Ah! I knew there was something closer!