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Switching to alternate Mac partition without keyboard? Answered

I just noticed on my iMac that somehow the default partition was set from my Mac partition to the Boot Camp partition -- which currently has nothing on it. This is a major problem, because someone decided to restart the computer, and as you know, when a partition with nothing on it is loaded, no drivers for my bluetooth keyboard and mouse loaded. I got past the "No bootable device available -- Please insert bootable disk and press any key to continue" by turning off the computer and booting it from a Windows 7 disk. Unfortunately, the disk isn't compatible with the partition format, so I can't even load Windows to reset the default partition. I was going to try a Vista disk, but alas, the eject key is incapacitated due to the lack of drivers. I'm most likely to buy a new USB keyboard, but does anyone know how to switch partitions without a keyboard?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Hmm, I'm not sure I understand, but I think maybe you just need to hold the option key down as you reboot. It will let you pick which system you would like to boot. Also, you should be able to reformat the partition with the windows 7 disc.

Yeah I tried that, but Apple's bluetooth keyboard wouldn't work due to the lack of drivers. I fixed it anyway with a cheap USB keyboard from Staples though and that worked. And thanks for telling me about being able to reformat the partition, I didn't realize that. Merci pour ta réponse.