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Switzerland Is Greenest Country; U.S., 39th Answered

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Looks like the U.S. has some work to do.


Ha 14th kicked your asses every one from 15th and below, we'll get you yet you quiet generally polite and green wretches... come to think of it do we have any swiss members, I'd like to see a sort function by country for intructables then we'd see whos greenest by ratio of green to unconcerned instructables by country...

Ha 14th kicked your asses every one from 15th and below

We're 10th ! So I kick yours ! =oP

not my ass my country's ass, then again I have a pretty green life, simply because I cycle, don't use much electric and prefer wearing warm clothes than being in a hot room.

America sucks! It over rated. I'm so sick of living here. Sorry

All countries have good parts and bad parts...try moving over to the UK, some people there would want you to have an RFID chip embedded in your skin for you safety. Or why don't you and your family move to Canada, where there are 30,000 families without general doctors, because there simply aren't enough of them. Why? Because of their socialized health care, the government picks how many doctors to have. So maybe something happens to your leg, and you have chronic pain that could be fixed after a simple procedure. You could easily have to wait five times as long to get that done there then if you had stayed here in America.

Yet somehow Canadians live longer (they're #10 - we're #29) :p 30,000 (.001% of Canadian population) is nowhere near our 47 million (16% of the US population) :/ Of course those 30,000 matter - but that problem is nowhere near the scale of our own problem. In any case, the UK RFID chip deal is/was for prisoners... Something tells me it won't get through though... On the other hand, the US already has RFID chips on it's citizens that want to cross the border...