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Sword arts Answered

We've all practiced in parks with sticks, against our freinds, or imaginary dragons, and we think outrselves to be quite good, but most all of us have never taken things further. SOME of the people reading this will have taked classes in swordsmanship, with any luck, and that's what this group is all about. That's why i'm asking anyone out there with experence to come forward and write an instructable for us, perhaps just the basics. As for myself, i'll be focussing on the metallurgical side of things, publishing instructables on the things i make and posting the relevant ones here. My entry to the laser cutter contest is a sword, with a fairly simple method that shouldn't be too hard to follow. I'll post it and start the others one i've cleared my exams up.



4 years ago

interesting idea

Hey guys, I made this kickass sword out of wood and I've entered it in a comp. I would love for you guys to check it out and maybe even vote for it if you think it is worthy. I had heaps of fun making it and this comp just happened to start once I finished it. so I would REALLY appreciate you help! Thanks :D


Daedric Sword.jpg

7 years ago

ive handled a prop sword made out of steal.


7 years ago

i am thinking about making an ible about sword fighting (at least the basics) but it would be heavily influenced with german for two reasons: first, i am german ;) and second it will be about the german school of swordmanship as teached by johannes liechtenauer, a swordfencing master of the late medieval ages. would you like something like that?

Personally, my favorite sword art is Bushido ( The way of the Samurai ), Because they used Katanas and other Japanese swords ( Such as Chokutos ). My favorite 'Strikes' are the normal Horizontal Zan/Giri ( Cut ) and the Hanguard Strike, Tsukaate ( ? )

Since you have overlooked the ages of some of the people who end up in here I think it is important that this be taken into consideration when asking for this type of instructable. I don't know if you folks were ever young but I know when I was younger I would have been the first one in here checking out stuff like this. I've had many stitches from edged weapons both my own and others. No need to flame on about it. I just think it belongs in an age protected area. And I do agree this is a good idea. I own many swords. Some bought, some handmade, and one that I've started. Trying to figure out how to use a small deerhorn for the handle without tearing it apart. In this day and age this might cause unwanted problems. So think what you like about my post at least one person here thought about what a kid may do with it!!!

That's a valid point in the extreme, and i wholly agree, but, as mentioned...somewhere else in that miasma of posts, suitable instruction vastly decreases the potential for mishaps, Signed: V, who is thinking of of removing the topic...

Nooo! Don't remove! There's plenty other dangerous stuff here (check out Tetranitrate)

Check my 3:11PM post for follow-up. I will ask that you not try to push buttons with flame posts. Referring to yours of 5/19. No need to get so emotional about it. Since my first post in here I have seen the other things available. And I agree that this shouldn't be removed. Let's try to keep things civil as we are all here for the same reasons. I realize your comment was made with the same emotion as my first one so let's wipe the slate and start anew. I appreciate it!!

Hey V. I know that was a bit extreme and by no means am I trying to get you to delete this idea. I did run across this in my early days here before seeing some of the other things posted. So I apologize for jumping the gun on it. I don't see where this is any different than some of the others that I've come across. I did post my early comment a few months back but when I saw all the flack that it stirred I did feel compelled to state my reason. Hence my post of a few hours back. At the very least you might consider a disclaimer. I don't want to stifle any creativity. I know you're not seeking approval so just thought I'd encourage you to keep it going. Nothing personal meant by it!!!


10 years ago

i did manage to get stuck with a sword once and also came close to removing my fingers. so when your making your blades please be careful. the stabbing was self inflicted by backing into a sword blade clamped to a bench. the fingers was even stupider{is that a word?}. i was showing off by throwing the sword i had made into the air and catching it before slamming it into the scabbard{i grabbed it by the blade} i havent even nicked myself once since then{at least not making knives or swords} the small sword in first pic is the one i caught


Wow, those are spectacular, any Instructables? I like the hilt on the first pic.

the straight long swords hilt is solid silver.{forged} the other two are zinc aluminum alloys{cast}

Although I have never taken "true" (I have martial arts training) sword fighting classes, I still consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject. I can skillfully handle any bladed weapon (including polearms, I LOVE HALBERDS!). I can also date any european sword by looking at it (its a different story with Japanese swords, one degree blade varience and its a completly different weapon). I've kicked SCA guy's buts (unofficially, you have to be 18 or older to really compete), filleted everybody in a 5 mile radius, and I'm bloody pissed off, no one wants to fight anymore. End of the world coming? Point me towards King Arthur, I'm signing up. Anyway, enough of me boasting/telling the truth, what's everybody else done?

Huh. Sounds like you know a lot about this stuff. I really wish i could find a weapons trainer here but ever sinced we moved its been hard to find a lot of things. You should post an instructable about polearms or how to make them. Sounds awesome.

Yah I've been a bit occupied in my life, and when I've had time for Instructables, Ive been trying to get contest entries made and such. I'll definitely get some polearm stuff up though. * Update, I am taking Fencing classes (good, but not allowed to smash and bash as I want ) check with the SCA or USFA for something near you.

Thanks a bunch! Ive practiced somewhat with swords and in no way consider myself an expert. Thanks again for the info.

Also Google search for any LARP in your area, not as dangerous (shucks it's impossibly safe), but still combat.


11 years ago

I have a really nice sword my dad made for me, that I've heavily customized. It's double-edged mahogany roundpoint (circular, not triangular ended). I wrapped the hilt with duct tape and another layer of hockey tape. The crossguard is just duct tape covered in hockey tape again. The bottom of the hilt where a pommel should be is triangular duct tape (excess of the hilt) that I sewed some yellow thread through the edge. I have a crossguard (from another sword) but I have to reshape the hole to use it with my sword.

Ever had a LARGE, BLEEDING WOUND on any part of your body? Are you desiring another? If this is not on your top 10 list of things to do today you really don't need to know even the basics!!! Put your toys away and find another hobby. There is no"INSTANT SAMURAI JUST ADD WATER"!

LARGE, BLEEDING WOUND? Yes, a couple actually. That being said, I've been playing in the SCA since Reagan's first term and never got a bleeding wound, large or otherwise, from that. I did once twist my knee when I slipped on some wet grass and there was a bit a trauma induced bursitis when I got nailed in the elbow with a great sword. If large bleeding wounds are what upsets you, you really should worry more about people using questionable power tool techniques. I nearly lost a finger to a shaper once.

Precisely, that is why we are extending outwards, and using wood and boffer weapons YOU FRICKEN' RETARD! Another thing, no one ever said anything about samurai. Despite common public misconception, a samurai was not a just a swordsman. He was ruler and a god of war in the eyes of the commoners, a man who spent his entire life training. Anyone who claims to be a samurai or know there secrets is a load of BS, unless of course he really is, but they tend to not advertise there knowledge.

A very modern look at samurai. For a more realistic view, watch 'the Seven Samurai' which was done by someone who would have seen the last of the official samurai (Kirasawa? Feel free to correct the spelling)

Hum, ya thats been on my list of must watches. Right next to Highlander, LOTR, and Dragonheart.

Watch it once for the story (it's not quite the same as 'the Magnificent Seven') and then watch it a second time just for the different way that the japanise culture handles things.

Yup. Also, don't forget politician and landlord. Thanks, when i opened my emails, i thoiught it was YOU who flamed me, but i'm glad it wasn't.

Yah, I thought people would like this, guess there content to do it on their computer and nowhere else. Shame really, fewer people to defeat...

Shame, i was going to publish an instructables on how to hydrate my Samurai.....

Instruction reduces the chance of injury, hence, asking for instruction.

Oh, I have had large, bleeding wounds, and, under the right circumstances, will again : ) There is something to knowing what you can work threw and what won't stop you.

I put up an instructable for sword fighting. If it is to hard to follow than feel free to ask ?'s. (vids are coming sometime soon hopefully)

Take that, foul Dragon! HAHA! Sorry got a bit carried away.

Weird, I was going to do this. I practice Kendo. Maybe I'll do some today.


11 years ago

Fencing is a pretty active sport. My college gymnastics coach was good friends with the school fencing coach (we used to give them flexibility lessons), I took a short fencing class at a RenFaire once (my leg was sore for a week from the unaccustomed stance), my 10y old son took an after-school fencing class last year. In addition, some of the "martial arts" classes include sword work to a lesser or greater extent (Tai chi, kendo), and I *think* there are groups around that specifically focus on sword-fighting for stage use (as opposed to sport.)

Um. I don't think it's a skill well suited to the instructables format :-)

What's wrong with this for Instructables? It's just a more ancient and honorable version of airsofting, or paintballing, or knex guns for that matter (wait I got that wrong, swords came first!).