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Sydney Opera House on wheels! Answered

I live in a semi-rural area.  We are hours from a decent motorway, but hip-deep in caravan parks.

Given the UK law that limits trailers to 50mph, I am generally disapproving of anything towed.

However, this trailer tent designed by Axel Enthoven is a thing of beauty and luxury.

The Opera trailer tent has features including central heating, teak flooring (and a veranda!), ceramic toilet, electrically adjustable twin beds (which can be joined into a double), kitchen sink (of course), onboard water boiler (which supplies a fountain?), fridge and low-energy LED lighting “from awning to floor” (yes there are uplights!).

Unfortunately, beauty has a price - €24,000 puts it in the price-range of campers with engines and no restriction to 50mph...

Your Suite in Nature

via Notcot.


how does it bypass the 50MPH regulation ?

It doesn't, which is why I'm surprised I like it.

in the US we don't have to worry about that i haul trailers at 80 MPH "128.74752 KPH"

This is impressive, the full LED lighting must make it beautiful in complete darkness.

I was impressed, I was just finishing work when I read it though :D I'm not a big fan of caravans, but this one looks epic. (although a little ott)

Imagine the faces of the other caravanners as you unfold it on-site...

(I guess not so many people are impressed as I am?)