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Synthesizer mod? Answered

My current Synthesizer has a very jumpy volume control, it has buttons, so it is either very loud or very quiet,
And i need a smooth volume control. during one of my youth groups worship session, i was on synth and
it went from quiet to loud WAY too quickly. so i would like to build a volume pot to output...but i dont know what the perfect requirements and setups are....any help on this?


HERE is a very good description of a volume pot which would suit your needs.  It's for an electric guitar, but the theory's the same.
You would have to get to the back of the jack socket where the output lead is plugged into and disconnect the connection to the centre pin.  It may be a wire or it may be a PCB track which you'd have to cut.
Looking at the circuit on the page I've linked, you'd then connect the track / wire you've cut to the 'input' of the pot and centre pin of the jack socket to the 'output'.
Connect a wire to 'ground' which will be the outer ring of the jack socket and solder this to the case of the pot and pin 1.
Drill a hole and mount the potentiometer behind the control panel and add a knob.
Set the output level switch to maximum and then the volume control will give you from nothing to full volume.  (You may have to swap over pins 1 and 3 if it works the wrong way round.)

oh and the output jack is connected to the PCB... :\

It can probably still be done - You just need to identify which track goes to which part of the jack and then cut the necessary tracks (stanley knife), scrape off the resist and then solder wires to connect to the pot.

Is the sound coming straight out of the keyboard's internal speakers?

Where i play, they hook me up to the sound system. so i only need it for the output, i rarely use the on-board speakers.

Oh, I see. It seems much simpler to not mess with the insides, but just adjust the sound system a bit. Have you tried asking them if they could simply lower the volume of your keyboard on their mixer?

Well, u cant rly do that when ur on stage and they are dealing with other sound things, it would be nice to just go boop, and have the Vol a little louder. but i built a little box that i attached to my synthesizer using velcro and it just has a knob on it, and that works fine. thank you for your help though dude.

You can purchase a foot pedal volume control at your local music shop or online. Many keyboard players use them