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T-ball game in PE class Answered

Here's a T-ball game I recorded in PE class.  I kept the funniest parts.  My friends recorded me when I went up to bat.



IMO, allowing pupils to casually video lessons is unprofessional.

Not noticing that they are doing so is incompetent.

The only phone allowed in my lessons is mine, the only camera allowed in my lessons is mine.

Oh the coaches notice, they just let us do that. They have room to be unprofessional since all they do is teach sports and athletics to students.

You don't understand "unprofessional". You did not have permission to record the video on private land, the privacy of those in the video has been compromised, and their dignity damaged.

By posting that video, you have subjected the victims (and I use the word with consideration) to far wider, and more prolonged ridicule than the situation warranted.

If they got a half-competent lawyer and a judge with an eye for a headline, they could go after you, the teacher and the school for significant damages.

I would think that the coach not saying that "I could not record the video" means that I can record it, as he saw me record it, and he KNEW that I was filming the entire time.

Nobody is a victim here, everyone in the video was OK with me making a film about a T-ball game. Someone made a recording on a talent show at school the previous year, the teacher noticed and she got kind of upset about it since she was in one of the acts recorded, but she didn't take any legal action. I think taking legal action for recording a T-ball game is outrageous, and my peers apparently think the same way.

I think my school actually encourages making videos, as evidenced by the fact that the school band has a Youtube channel, with recordings of their own band performances.

Your peers all being legal experts? A lack of a ban is not permission (is there a sign banning animal cruelty? No? So are you allowed to bring hamsters to school and burn them?), and the teacher obviously chose not to take action.

And as for the youtube channel - who posts those videos? Guaranteed all the people in the band will have signed forms giving permission for the videos to be taken and posted.

I really don't see why you are fussing about this. Everyone said it was OK for me to make the video. Heck, I even had some friends record when I was at bat.

As for the Youtube channel, sometimes the conductor records major performances, but most of the time students make their own videos during practice and such.

Something or someone has been at least technically violated here.
Did you obtain consent from all those you filmed for you to do this?


Yes, the only rule I actually did violate was the no cell phone rule which the PE teacher does not enforce.

i don't know how it is in the U.K. but in the U.S. minors cannot give legal consent to anything, they cannot enter into a legally binding contract, and they cannot enter into a legally binding ORAL contract even when their legal guardian is present.

so no, you didn't get consent because i'm assuming that all of your friends are legally minors

"everyone" saying something is "ok" may release you from worry, but it doesn't release you from legal culpability.

i had a teacher in high school that would let me smoke out back of the school when i was volunteering to do lawn maintenance on the baseball field. i was under the legal smoking age and it was against school policy for students (of legal age or not) to smoke on campus at any time (even when outside of a school function). because he let me doesn't mean i wasn't breaking a law and school policy, it just means i didn't get caught. if the principal had ever shown up the story would have been A LOT different.

that said, i would seriously doubt that anyone will take legal action against you for the video or whatever but that wasn't the original argument. the original argument is about actual legal culpability, with which you are completely covered.

Meh, it seems UK schools have different standards regarding privacy and professionalism.

. While I am sure there are some differences in standards and policies, the differences are not that great. It is more a matter of enforcement. DJ's high school is pretty small (I couldn't find the stats for his particular school in a hurry, but the three HSs in his district have a combined enrollment of only 2038 kids). Things are a little bit more lax than at a bigger school/district. Doesn't make it right, but it's not that big a deal to small town (a little over 51k ppl) folk.

The principal at my school says that over 900 kids are enrolled at my school. It's pretty big, 3 buildings, one of them 3 stories high, the other 2 are 2 stories each.

My school has 350 kids. The town I teach in is less than half the size of DJ's town.

. Things are different in The South. Neville HS is even further South than I am. :)

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