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T-shirts n signs n things (oh my) Answered

I have made one t-shirt for myself (I will have to display it later), but I found the perfect Aspie tee: 

It can be found at THINK GEEK

and looks like this: 

AND  the shirt I made for myself....and in case it is not readable, it says:  You have NO idea what it means to be gifted with Asperger's syndrome



8 years ago

Cool ! i want one thats says

<center><p>if you understand this .. Your a nerd </p></center>



Reply 8 years ago

You forgot to finish it  ;-)

<center><p>if you understand this .. Your a nerd </p></center>



Reply 8 years ago

Oh yeah i suppose if i want it too looks great id have to do <body bgcolor="black"> too !


Reply 6 years ago

I have one that freaks most NT's out, it reads: There are 10 types of people in the world, those that understand binary, and those that do not.

EVEN after explaining it to sme people they "don't get it"  *sigh*


Reply 8 years ago

PS:  my OTHER shirt ;-)  
aspie shirt20091225_04.JPGaspie shirt20091225_01.JPG
Lateral Thinkerstephenniall

Reply 8 years ago

I got what my friends termed a suit of armour.

I was fighting for my right to be left alone by Mental Health Services, while doing so, I created havoc for them, in catching out their lies on medication.

My suit of armour air mailed from the USA was a black T-shirt saying,

Advocate from Hell.

I have never had the the chance to wear it as when it arrived, I had had just got my licence to be a Aspie.

I had a fall recently, the local community hospital transferred me to the base hospital. The two paramedics taking me, were extremely rude making smart comments seeing they knew I was a MH consumer. (but not that I was ex)

At the base hospital, the female paramedic did the hand over report at the end of which the driver paramedic added one extra item of information. He told triage that I "was no longer on Lithium."

I complained to his operations manager, and go back a report, the paramedic had agreed he had said that, but had been asked to by the  dispatching hospital.

I wrote back, saying NOT possible, as the driver paramedic had not been out of my sight longer than 20-seconds.

AND I had NOT been on Lithium since Dec 2001 anyway.

Then my doctor phoned to say the Chief Executive for the paramedics was trying to call him, we agreed he tell the CE to speak to me.

The CE spoke to me, he did NOT appear to have been made aware by his operations manager, about my letter saying I had been off Lithium since 2001.

He agreed to ask the paramedic just which member of the dispatching hospital had asked the driver paramedic to forward the news I was no longer on Lithium. There was only a doctor and 2 nurses on duty in the ED.

He said he would be back to me by Friday (3 days) I told him lets make it by Wednesday (a week) The following Friday not having heard from him, I left voice mail, saying report or else.

30 minutes later he rang.
  1. He first said, that he was very confused, and that the answer he had for me, would confuse me too.
  2. The driver paramedic denied having agreed he told Triage that I was no longer on Lithium which also meant he had never said the dispatching hospital had asked him to forward that to Triage.
  3. The CE had also checked with the dispatching doctor and 2 nurses, they had not said anything about me no longer being on Lithium.
Yet the written report by the operations manager regarding my complaint of the paramedic trying to influence the receiving hospital triage into believing I had illegally stopped Lithium said, yes, the driver agreed he had said that to Triage, after being asked to by the dispatching hospital, the operations manager said no way was her paramedic trying to influence Triage, and she added that she was very pleased that her paramedic had passed on the message.

And as soon as the operations manager learnt I had been off Lithium since 2001, she no longer wanted to speak to me, and her Chief Executive was trying to phone my doctor.

The base hospital ended up having to run a litre of saline into me because my blood volume was down, the dispatching hospital had put in a IV line, and taken 5 tubes of blood which went with me in the ambulence, the doctor wanted me to have a CT scan becuase of my fall, and blow to my head.

the two paramedics, their smart comments related to me faking symptoms, the female paramedic asked me where I learnt about Dyspraxia, she suggested on the WWW, that that I was making up my symptoms, the driver paramedic refused my request for a wheel chair at the dispatching hospital and dragged me out by my bad shoulder.

When he got to the base hospital, he knew I was going to complain, and had a wheel chair before the ambulance doors opened.

Anyway, thats how Aspies get treated, and have to stick up for ourselves.

Triage at the base hospital knew me well, 17 arrivals by ambulance during 2009, but the driving  paramedic only knew brief bits, out of context about my history, that he overheard while he was driving, I told the female paramedic that I had stopped taking Lithium, a few years after Lithium burnt out my throid. (Dispatching hospital knew it too)

He missed that I stopped Lithium in 2001, and that the doctors had said I have NEVER needed Lithium in the first place.

Aspies have been commonly misdiagnosed as bipolar, and advised to take Lithium.

BTW, some years ago, a lady with schizophrenia was studying at a Polytech elsewhere in NZ, she told somebody that she was not on medication.

Within 24 hours, her mental health team had had 10 calls from people reporting this lady was NOT on medication.

And due to the privacy laws, her team COULD say NOTHING in reply, only listen.
  1. The lady was NOT meant to be on ANY medication.
  2. The law states she could not be told about the 10 callers.
  3. The 10 callers did not know about #1 above.
  4. She did nopt know about #2, no chance to defend herself.
  5. But the 10-callers WATCHED her every action.
It sort of got resolved, yet due to her privacy rights, the 10 callers never knew if they had the truth or a cover up to protect her.

My T-shirt, must be "I have Asperger's Syndrome" and the fine print must say "I dont have to take ANY medication therefore"