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T.B.A.P Vs. Oodammo pistol. Answered

Me and cj81499 did a testing session to see which gun is better. T.B.A.P ( Killer~SafeCracker) oodammo pistol ( Owen-Mon-82397) We did 6 tests to see which is better using 2 #64's for T.B.A.P and 1 for oodammo pistol. The results were: Range: oodammo pistol Has better range with the bands we were using ( #64's) Piercing power (Red rod muzzle loaded): T.B.A.P has better piercing power in 2 pieces of paper. Strength: As in body strength. They both broke on the 2nd drop. Trigger guard, magazines and chain all broke. Height: Pretty much range but with opposing gravity. Oodammo pistol has better height by about 5 feet. Accuracy: T.B.A.P has better accuracy with NYPA's shot Vs. cj81499's shot with the Oodammo pistol. Target was a soda can from 10 feet (approximately) Rapid fire capability: Oodammo pistol won with cj81499's hand at pulling back the ram Vs NYPA's hand. Well the score is this T.B.A.P: 2 and a draw Oodammo pistol 3 and a draw Comment on the bottom. EDIT: these results are on a unstable scale. As DJ radio and Killer~SafeCracker pointed out, somebody should build BOTH guns and see what they area t a stable hand.But as you notice we pointed out that it was our different hands.


Give me another shot and both of those will be toast. MeZak pistol already owns those two. I'm planning on something better than the MeZak pistol.

You're starting to get some kind of ego. Lol k. Alright yeah I'll let a few months pass as I'm sure that there will be 20 different guns better by then. It's called progress. I'm sure we could have a battle over who will make the better oodammo pistol but that doesn't sound entertaining enough to me. I'm working on better things so wait for them and see if you can top those.

yes i agree though the one bad thing about mepains and zaks is the low mag size and how the pin stays down.

MeZak pistol was made after these 2 were made.

And? These two were made after my original and they knocked it out of the game. What good does it do to compare two guns when both of them are/ will be outclassed by another one?

These 2 pistols have a different concept from the MeZak gun. The MeZak gun was built to have faster reload times, these have the concept of large mags for extended firing.

Oh and btw, what makes the MeZak gun better than these 2 besides the people who made it?

Since TD didn't really answer your question; it is because it has a magazine that you can tilt forward with your trigger finger when you are out of ammo. This allows for easier loading, not only because you don't have to squeeze ammo in between the top of the barrel and the guiderod on the magazine, but also because it allows the use of clips. Bitz's clips replace the guiderod on the magazine, while a different design (like mine on the GOPWaT) allows you to slip a bunch of rounds on at one time, significantly cutting down loading time. Also, the MeZak gun is better constructed, in my opinion.

mm, ok. It seems like every oodammo pistol could have removable clips if you have imagination.

Removable clips? What are you talking about? Clips just hold a bunch of rounds so that you can load faster. They are inherently removable. These guns have no clips at all.

I meant that you can remove the rod that holds the oodammo, preload it, and then put it back on fully loaded.

Of course. But the thing is; MeZak pistol is the only one to incorporate that; ergo, that would be one of the reasons it is better than the other guns. Also, it has the ability to tilt forward.

Not the only one. I was actually first to do it with my oodassault pistol though it wasn't as efficient as the MeZak.

The tilting forward bit or the clip bit?

the removable rod that holds oodammo. Look at his video.

That's not a removable rod; that's a removable wholefrontofthemagazine. Look at bitz's video. His is just a blue rod with a tan clip and some oodammo on it. More of a clip than the front half of the magazine.

mmm, Ok, I see what you are getting at.

I'd rather only have to take 5 seconds to insert a 7 shot clip and get better range than take the 30 seconds it would take to load up a 20 round magazine and get less than desired ranges. These already look weaker because each trigger wastes about an inch of acceleration potential. Don't get me wrong. I don't care for the MeZak pistol and that's why I'm making a new oodassault pistol.

I can see all oodammo pistols except MeZak pistol having removable preloaded clips, premake some before the war and you have a short as crap loading time.

Accuracy and rapid fire should both be tested by the same person. It is possible CJ was not as good a shot as NYPA, and that his reflexes were not as good as NYPA's in rapid fire.

that was the case.

Then the results for those 2 are bogus.

my gun is better ps nypa i got the big staples bag of #64 rubber bands !!!! yay!!