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TBOS VS TBAP? Answered

Which one?!?!?

Its like the ultimate showdown

Both guns are by killer safecracker

ill make both and decide myself

but you guys vote as well!!!

voting finishes on friday this week
(im in england and right now its 5:50PM on tuesday




Best Answer 8 years ago

tbos is better, its what i think...

lol, tbos is more reliable and more compact...

im randomly building it now

just need to make the other side

only if you put me in your top 20

do you know where to get instructions for the tr-8/br-8 ?????

i wanna make it!!

They're both somewhat obsolete compared to modern oodammo pistols. I'd take something with a tilting or removable magazine. Or at least go with his EAP which has a locking pusher.