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TDA2003 opamp question? Answered

Hello i have some questions about the opamp TDA2003.
1.In the picture bellow the R1 and R2 make the gain for opamp .Gain=R2/R3=220/2.2=100. It's of if i replace the R2 with 2k resistor and R3 with 200 Ohms resistor ??? The gain still the same but i dont know if it still ok ??
2.What the  C2(470uF) do in this schematic, what will happend if i replace it with a 100uF capacitor ?

Thanks for advance!

sorry for my bad English !


Its AC coupling the feedback for the amplifier from the output. I suspect that the resistors have to be of such a value that THEIR resistance (R2//R3) is < the impedance of C2, so changing their ratio maybe isn't a good idea


Thanks.I have another question : The C3 cap and resistor of speaker works as a high pass filter.If i use a 8 ohms speaker and i want to limit the high pass around 60Hz , then i just need to use C3=330uF .

Nah, don't mess around with that. If you want to roll of your frequency response, do it at the front end.