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TDA7293 gets hot? Answered

I recently bought some TDA7293 chips in order to make amplifiers, but when I tested one it got hot! I've checked the wiring several times. I'm using this circuit :  http://xtronic.org/circuit/amplifier/circuit-power-audio-amplifier-stereo-with-tda7293-200-watts-rms-total-includes-power-supply/
I'm using +-8V supply, which is bellow the minimum voltage according to the datasheet, so it shouldn't work nor get hot!  If I use a higher supply voltaje it gets hot faster.
Any ideas?


Nice cartoon circuit board, makes me wonder if they built it in the real world or just a simulator program.

I hope you built it on a bread board first, tweaking from a soldered board is a nightmare.

OK you showed us what you are following, can you show us what you did?

Amps work full out with volume control on the input, sitting there without an input or driving a speaker they should not get hot while idling. And like all the others said heatsinks are important one for each amp IC not one for both unless you use an insulated heatsink.

Driving them without a heatsink is a big NO-NO.
Driving them far below their rated voltage only useful if the rest is matched for it - including speakers with at least 8Ohm, not the standard 4Ohm ones.

Got a heatsink on the power devices ?

Is it on a heat sink?

What is the load impedance?