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TDAC 2.0 concept video demonstration Answered

hey guys ! this is a video demonstration of my new idea for the TDAC concept, which i made about 2-3 months ago for TD, when i was gonna work on it with him (we never did, but oh well). i'm uploading this now so that anyone could give the concept a try as well. if you don't fully understand the concept, you can go check out TD's original concept on one of his forum topics. i encourage anyone at all, veteran or new, to try this concept, for it is simple, but challenging and tricky. also, it might be a round for the KIC sometime, so...


That's a neat concept, thanks for uploading a video!

no problem. i made this small setup because i simply cannot draw. i am incapable of drawing. lol i drew something before this and it came out so very bad that i just said screw it, i'll make a demo.

i'm running linux... no paint for me! also, even if i had paint or any similar tool, i am bad in those too, and i am not willing to spend time on it.

Oh yes, thank you for reminding me, I did want to make this a challenge at some point as well.