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TECH WE WANT! Answered

Well in this group, we are all about technology that spies would use and things that would be considered "Spy Stuff". Anything made here doesn't have to be something spies actually use, it could be stuff that you think a spy would use. And please no cans on a string. Cool stuff like laser microphones, and stuff like that, most anything is accepted.


hey man you should make a more explanatory instructable on the "simple phone tap"

Night vision goggles! make those someone, there awesome!

This one would be fairly easy. I actually did it a few years ago. All my hacks are temporary, so it was played with for a week or so, then fell apart. All you need is a b&w; camcorder (check flea markets) and some IR leds. super cheap on ebay or at radio shack. The camcorder picks up the ir light right out of the box. I'd happily write up an instructable, but don't have an extra camcorder about. Nor the time to do something permanent. Mine would have LOTS of duct tape.

could you please do that (make an instructable about it)?

I could write out directions, but I have no spare camcorder laying around. I'll think about it.


here's someone else's take on the same thing.
Personally, I tend to do things in a more quick and simple way. I would run the leds off of a 9volt and just hold the camera. Mcguyver style.

Sigh, that is a trasmittion system, the idea he's thinking of is using a laser and bounching it off a window and use the reverberation caused by soud waves to be able to hear people in that room.

So far laser microphones aren't possible. Be creative and think of things you could make. Google google google.