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TGKT Results Answered

Yeah so TGKT is over. IaC wins. Woo! His prize is that he gets to be adored by all ibles knexers. Yay!


What the whole thing was a waste of time?

well what was the point of only having one winner. and it will remaina slideshow at least you could have said to make a gun or something under guidelines so we will most likley have a instructable for it.

We had 3 rounds in total. One of which was to make a gun.

yeah but that is what almost everone is on about

Yeah, one round. With like 18 contestants. That's 18 guns.

If I remember, some didnt enter at all...

Also, this contest wasn't a waste of time, because we got a lot of new and innovative things out of it.

let me comment, this was only to boost the ego of the "knexperts" so everone could look up to them. and this stopped the "knexpetrs" from doing what they want and doing what YOU SAY. i rest my case the whole thing was a waste of time!

I kind of agreed with heat-seeker sure you get innovative designs but basically (subconcously) you are just trying to boost your egos. Sorry, but its true.

No, the purpose of this contest was to see what kind of new innovative designs could be developed by the existing knexperts.

ur right, but for the future, more guns would be awesome.

IAC came first and last because he was the only one who entered!


9 years ago

Was he the only entry? And congrats IaC!!


But if I hadn't dropped out I would have pwned him :P

Why'd you drop out!

he thought it wouldnt be fair.

lmao IAC.

Wow. Good job IAC. If you need help for the next contest, let me know.

A link to whatever he did to win would be a good idea, don't you think?

He won TGKT. Everyone knows what that is.

The Grand K'NEX T........?

That g** knex thing?

Not implying anything, just guessing something.