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TGKT (Round 2) Answered

The rules are that you have to make something that is not a gun, it can be anything as long as it is not a gun. Entries have to be in by January 15th. You can enter something that has aready been posted as long as you haven't modified it since then.
Here are the 8 participants and their scores from round one, all scores are out of 100.
1. S0lekill3r
True Break Action Shotgun

2. Dutchwarlord
Knex Big Crossbow

3. I_Am_Canadian
Knex Heavy Cannon v5-Handheld

4. Viccie.B1993

5. Knexguy
Knex L96A1

6. Bakenbitz

7. Dutchj
Knex Rifle v2

8. Jollex {ENTRY}
Grenade Launcher


I don't get it cause these are all knex guns???

1- very old topic. 2- those guns were entries for round 1.

Lets get the judging going, eh?

Surely 2 weeks is ample judging time...

Maybe there is a tie between to persons and he has to figure out a new way to rate?

*people* and I'm pretty sure he's come up with a way to judge. I think he doesn't have enough results from the judges yet

I judged last round, and I still have not heard from anyone...

I sent my judgement to Jollex last saturday ( Yeah, he asked me to judge )

LoL it looks like I got the boot! Well, thats better, is he judging as well?

Just clearing things up: -The judges are Dutchj, the_buritto_master, and DSman195276. - I am not judging. -I have gotten results back from Dutchj and the_buritto_master. Still waiting for DSman.

i just submitted my ratings, we will just have to see who goes on, i don't know the ratings that dutchj and the_buritto_master gave.

Ok. It stinks that you didn't get your entry in on time. Ah well. Good work getting though to here!

Ah well, it happens. I never expected to get into the second round anyway, so I had already overdone my expectations. I won't let the new KI contest slip though, I've got something big in store for that one.

Yeah me too. Those contests are so good. Good luck!

why doe's it take so long to dicided


Apparently for the German version of the films Arnie asked if he could do his own voiceover in German (because he is Austrian) but the producers said no because he sounded like a farmer!

When will the results be announced, Jollex?

hes been gone 2 days with no sign of him... btw i would prob put you in a third round with 3 others.

Is "ya" a short for something? I really don't know :S Lol.

Not sure, I'll tell you right after I annunce the results.

Lol, i just thought it sounded cool. I didn't know Terminator said it XD

I can't wait for the results. Hurry up jollex. +P

Good luck to all who entered, My bets are on dutchwarlord and Viccie.b this time....

i reckon Viccie.B1993 Will do good

6 days overtime... I'm frikkin' nervous!

How long do you reckon it will be? Jollex?

How long will it take to judge, Jollex?

Judgement day is upon the rise...