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iron man suit ideas Answered

Hey Guys

I am thinking About to build à suite likje THE picture 
but i am thinking à lot of people is making à suite like ironman but is made of foam but do you want to make it from any kind of metal i do.
i am thinking à lot of à Helmet first with à screen inside....
we must thinking of cooperate share picture or something Lets start with THE real stuff 

Greetings from Holland 


post a pic of your concept
could you use a cell ph screen ?
should be possible to mount a "raspberry pi" in a helmet to run it

yeah we can run a pi inside a helmet but also in a suit because the heat that you get in the helmed is going to be high and that is not good for a pi maybe we must draw this on paper.

but we don't have any projectors but why projectors in the helmet we can try google glas

i am going to think about it

Pico projector. Ive actually spent DAYS researching this very thing. It is possible but as mpilchfamily has stated it would be very close to your eyes and you wouldnt be able to focus on the image. Try concepts with larger helmets.

Ill be glad to assist in any way.


First of all the heads up display in the iron man suit is not feasible right now. What the iron man suit has isn't a screen but an image projected from small projectors on the sides of the helmet. You need 1 or more small projectors that can sit in the helmet and project the image clearly to the face shield which sits maybe .5" to 1 inch from your face. Even if you get a good clear projection there, at 1" from your face your eyes will not be able to focus on it. You would need to be wearing specialized contacts to allow your eyes to focus on something that close. The face shield would have to be made to allow the projection to reflect off of it and still allow the user to see through it. You also don't want that projected image to be showing through on the front of the face shield.

Good luck finding a small enough projector to suit your needs and making it clearly visible at close range. But have hope cause there are companies trying to develop such technology. Displays and projectors are getting smaller and there is even a company out there that sells contact lenses for this kind of application. But you need over $1000 for a pair.