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TI TPA2000D4DAP: What's the PowerPad and other questions? Answered

Hi, A couple months agao, I ordered something from TI but I actually ordered to wrong thing. What I got was the TPA2000D4DAP (http://focus.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/tpa2000d4.pdf). I set it aside because I couln't use it. As I look at it now, I see that on the bottom of the is a square silver piece. Looking at the datasheet, it says that there is "Space-Saving, Thermally-Enhanced PowerPAD." Is that the PowerPAD?

I read the paper on the powerPAD and it says its reflow soldered but I can't do that. Could I just use thermal paste if I ever wanted to use it for something.

Another question is about the DAP letters. Does it mean Debug Access Port? Just wanted to read the correct paper on TI's site.


That silver square is mean to connect to a heat sink.  YOu can use thermal paste but you might not be able to run the chip at the full 2 watts.

.  I don't know about using thermal paste, but DAP is the package type - size, shape, pin orientation, &c.