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I have a new job!

Starting in January, I will be teaching Science at a local high-school.


I ought to say, Instructables featured heavily in my panel interview, and in between the panel and the decision, the Head of Science went and had a browse on the site to see what the fuss was about - the site was a definite count in my favour - thanks folks!


That's BIG news! Congratulations, Kiteman - Well Done!
Any plans on school-i'bles collaborations??

The school is planning on becoming an engineering-specialist school, and the head has already said that the site looks like it could be part of that vision!

That's EXCELLENT! I've wanted to start a school (grades 1-9) geared towards science and the arts for a while now. I'm really glad that you're going to be part of a new one, and help shape the future of humanity! Looking forward to the awesome projects, discoveries, and people that are sure to come from your institvte!

"...shape the future of humanity..."

Comments like that could go to my head...


just kinda ignore all that stuff by you know who....

It's OK, we can ignore most projects named after other people...

Congratulations, that sounds very promising! Science is integral in secondary education and often neglected! I’m sure you will remedy this in your own way! Good luck!

I'm certain you'll be a wonderful contribution to the school. Congrats, and I look forward to seeing what's produced and inspired by the Kiteman-school coop! :)

COOL! You'd make a great teacher!

I don't see me anywhere - I must have ended up on the cutting-room floor.

I had a world cultures teacher that would open the text book on his podium, to the page he'd be teaching from and then never look at it again the entire class....BUT he'd quote directly from it, as his way of teaching......borrrrrring

My old O-level* biology teacher had the exercise books of a past A-grade student, with the covers stapled together to make a single large volume.

He would open the volume on his desk, and copy them to the blackboard. We would copy the blackboard into our exercise books.

I got an "A" (the "A-star" grade did not exist then).

* Now-defunct qualification sat at age 16

Well the "manuals" for World Cultures II were like 3 thick encyclopedias melded into one.....I don't remember ANYTHING from that class except the "agreement" I had with one fellow (since he had us exchange pop quizes and grade fellow student's answers). I think he even bored his pet rock to death...

Oh, I've never seen that - I actually chuckled!

Please tell me that teachers like that have never existed!

Yayayayayayay! Such good news. Congrats sir!


Your instructables are inspirational, and you maintain an enthusiastic and respectful attitude in all your comments and posts. If you can bring HALF that strength of character into the class room, you'll make a great teacher, not just of science (which is cool anyway) but of more general life skills.

Well done and good luck.


6 years ago

OK, that's the freakiest thing ever- I was thinking about the UK 'Ibles crew this afternoon a couple of hours before you posted this) and was wondering how the job situation was going, but didn't know how to ask.

Congrats! Champers at Kite Manor to celebrate? Don't mind if I do :P

I had a nice bottle of Shepherd Neam's "Spooky" ale.


6 years ago


Nice, I hope it's a nice school and you enjoy teaching there.

I will have to remember this :-) Great to hear of this for both you and Instructables...


6 years ago

Congrats- that's awesome! I'm sure you'll inspire many future scientists. :)

Well done that man, many congratulations :-)
Make sure the IT department to adds Instructables to the approved sites list ready for your first day.


6 years ago

Impressive, can we get some actual post video coverage of selected lectures.
And CONGRATULATIONS from Nevada...

Ah, I shall have to remember that when I am forced to look again. Great news !

Great news!

That's excellent news, congratulations!


6 years ago

Congrats! Those will be some lucky kids!


Sweet! Great Job! Sounds like fun!

Congratulations, Kiteman! I bet yours will be the awesomest science class ever!