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TJ-SR V1.2 Coming soon! Answered

My Sniper rifle (a good one) is coming out, i hope to post pictures on 18th august, and i will be posting instructions!
  • Long range
  • semi auto 5 shots
  • A good stock
  • An accurate sight
  • True trigger
  • Very accurate

  • Uses a lot of pieces
  • Very heavy
  • The mag Jams a bit


still gunna post pics?

not finished, i have to get the range past 100 ft before its worth posting

just my opinion but I think it should have a sling shot mec. I'm not exactly fond of ram snipers lol...

well... then its just another slingshot rifle.

what kind of semi auto mec does it have?

it is just like my storm 223 (coming soon) except better, so a pseudo bolt action

I thought you had a sniper already

it is a single shot low accuracy long range rifle now ;)

How can it be a rifle, if it's low accuracy. K'nex rifles are impossible anyway, it's really just a name everyone uses.

well if everyone uses it, why are you complaining to me?

Because you called your gun a low accuracy rifle. That makes no sense, as rifles are built for accuracy.

but hardly any rifles on this site that claim to be accurate are not, so why are you complaining to me? I'm admitting a con! Im being truthful! That's better than claiming it's better than it acctually is. And what else am i supposed to call it? it's not a shotgun, it's not a pistol, and it's not an mg. It looks like a rifle, so i'm going to call it a rifle. End of story, full stop, goodbye.

It's more of a note then a complaint. People around here really react negatively to contructive criticism.

well, it is phrased in a spiteful way, you could have said: Hey man, rifles are not low accuracy by the way, if it's not got good accuracy, it can't be a rifle. If you tried to be nice, you wouldn't get into so many arguments.

Let's just say I'm not good with words. I don't really care about minor arguments anyway, I'm a critic. Let's just be happy I don't comment on everything I don't like.

I want first hands on it. Something new to build :)