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TKCC - 2 contestants needed!!! Answered

The TKCC (the knex class championship) is a contest with 15 entrants, including me, and three impartial Judges to judge every one of the 5 rounds to see who is the greatest knex builder. The 5 round elimination process is as follows: Round 1 - 3 people off 2 - 3 people off 3 - 3 people off 4 - 3 people off 5 - 2 people off, final winner! The first 14 people that enter will be contestants, and anyone can enter for judging too. ENTRANTS 1.The Jamalam 2.Snipercrazed 3.I_am_Canadian 4.yannyboy 5.Benfoxg 6.Barrax 7.rofl495 8.dsman 195276 (I hope that's right!) 9.loyamann123 10.Dj Radio 11.Knexgunner 12.Knexguy 13.Ajleece 14.--- 15.--- JUDGES 1.(head judge)Bartboy 2.King_Banana 3.Darth Gecko Man When all contestants are chosen, Round one shall be chosen by our head judge Bartboy!


Heh, I thought this contest was dead by now. I didnt realize you were still going through with it. Next time you start a contest, run it shortly after you get enough contestants.

PS- you might wanna change the title. I just sent a screenshot of it to failblog.

jk, i didnt rly send it. but i was going to. If i did, your username wouldnt be in the pic.


So now we are all waiting on jollex?

I'm dropping out. I have niether the creativity nor skill to compete against most of these people.

Fine Do you mind making me a judge?

yeah, i do mind cos you can't do both contestant and judge

I mean not entering but I'll just be a judge If possible

I would rather be a judge, I have about 7000+ pieces

ok, you are a judge. i need 2 contestant spaces now <;(

? Nah, about 1/4 of my knex is lost somewhere


9 years ago

Shouldn't there be more rounds? You can't possibly have a fair contest with the ones you have now. Unless I'm missing something, it should be like this: Round 1 1: '3 people off', 1 winner 2: '3 people off', 1 winner 3: '3 people off', 1 winner 4: '3 people off', 1 winner 5: '3 people off', 1 winner Semi-final / Final 6: '5 people off' 1 winner ( champion ) / 2-3 winners + final round 7 7: '2-3 people off' 1 winner ( champion )

also, wanna be the 3rd judge? I know its a long shot seing as you just dissed the contest, but any chance?

I didn't diss it, I apparently misunderstood the meaning of your round system. I thought that by '3 people off', you meant that 3 people would compete against each other. It's a very unhappy choice of words. About judging, I'm very busy with school and the likes and I probably won't have the time to judge, so that's a no. Sorry.

firstly, by the end of round 5 every contestant would be off. Every round, the 3 lowest scoring entries are voted off, until round 5, the remaining 3 will be competing. 2 of them will be knocked out in the tound, leaving the final winner.


jollex dropped out, you are head judge! Pm me with the first round

Please be ball machines!! Please be ball machines!! Do we have to post ible or a vid or a slideshow??

i'll decide when jollex gives me the rounds

Hey, you haven't put me on there from when I asked. So i'll take the last space.

can i enter? i finally have some time on my hands. i had no time for the tgkt but i should be able to make stuff for this.

I'll do it, but I'm prioritising the TGKT.

Ok, so when does it start, and what is the first round?

when i get the last contestant i will brief you on what to do. round 1 will be 3 weeks long after the last member.

Why do we have this when we already have the GKT? And do we even have 30 active willing knexers?

You're still running it? Sorry I'm competing in my own contests.

idk, mine is suitably different though. there are many challenges to build, and the judges eliminate 3 people each round, the grand prizes are a secret, and anyone can enter, rather than choosing people.

can I enter?

wait... there's a problem for the judges... my entry uses over 1k parts.

there is a category... and its not guns to start with