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I want to know, in full disclosure, what future plans HQ has for the delete function..

Please do not put us off, with I will submit your concern's, But go to the decision maker to get the REAL information !


If there is fear for your position, then assign someone planning to leave, for resolving important this task..


I'm not sure I understood the OP's question...but yeah, I'd want both a delete AND an Edit button for all comments on the site, everywhere. It's frustrating to post a comment and notice you misspelled something or have to reword something because "in your head it sounded better". It makes me not be so eager to comment, honestly.

In the old days we wold copy the file with the error and paste a new message correct the _ into d

press Reply

Then Delete the file with the error..

So there was no need for Edit !

Only this year ;-)

But honestly we all forget to finish a word now and then then and need to replace it...

Yeah I used to do that a lot. But now you can't even do that...

Yeah. Sometimes you spelle something wrong, or you forget a leter, or once you read over it again sometime later you would know how to make it sound better, or sometimes you just wish you could delete your comment. I think many more people want this than the "Tips and Questions" that got added in the latest downgrade.

The ability to edit comments is something that's on the table, and the ability to delete comments would come along with that.

But I don't know for sure if or when that feature will show up. You can always flag your own comments which will kick them to an admin, and they will remove them for you. It's not ideal of course, but in the meantime that is how to get your own comments removed.

Do you tend to make a lot of comments you later wish you could delete?

Only this year ;-)

But honestly we all forget to finish a wor_ now and then then and need to replace it...

How do you flag your comments - I don't see anything.

STILL unable To post images.

ALL of the regulars here post 100's of comments a month and YES we get it wrong sometimes and would wish to change our minds, even just deleting the post as previously would do.

I worked to develop software for over 20 years my main job was ensuring o we didn't make substandard products visible to our customers, Mainly because it reflected poorly on our company image.

Hmm, that is a bug. The ability to flag comments elsewhere exists, but is in fact missing here on these community pages. Thank you!