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TR-8 Aftermarket kit, TR-36 "Overkill" Answered

I know this works for cars, so I decided to put an extreme spin on KILLERK recent TR-8. The majority of the body is based of the TR-8, but as you can see I added a little different styling to the handle which is also used to support the heavy turret. I added a bit more of a stock to the original but kept the mechanics the way they were. (can't mess with perfection) The turret itself has a ratchet, similar to the TR-8 which allows the turret to only "wind up" in the correct direction. The turret is also attached the same way as the TR-8 with a socket joint in the grip of the gun. I threw some tactical rails on the sides of the gun to try to hint at capability with attachment but the turret is kind of blocking any attachment you would put there. Overall the TR-36 Overkill feel awesome (heavy) and with that phenomenal power and range you would expect from any turret gun. Tell me if you're interested in an ible' and I'll start working on making one.  Thanks for looking! JonnyBGood


Can you post instructions for the turret?

Thanks! I thought about posting this awhile ago but never got around to it.

I don't have it any more though, but I can always rebuild it.

Okay when I get the time I'll remake it. I got Buzzsaw to finish first and I have a prototype for Zip3.

Looks cool bro!

Thanks! This is what happens when I modify the heck out of a TR-8. I probably used twice as many pieces as it originally used though. It has the charging handle now which mskes it much easier to use.

XD, I think you need to "modify the heck" out of more things. I can't wait till you... wait, are you gonna post?

I still have it if you want it posted. (Basically it will be an ible' that will show how to modify your tr8 into my tr35 overkill)

Pretty cool! Buzzbee barbarian!

Yeah except it weighs a lot more than a buzzbee!

Muhahahaha!!!! >=D

That may be little off.=P

More around 3-5 maybe. The majority of the weight is in the front, so it exaggerates the weight with a strange weight distribution.

A funny comparison would be something like this: tr-8 is a assault rifle, easy to move and follow targets. This thing is like minigun, heftier, not exactly a pratical gun to lug around in battle, but shooting it makes you feel awesome and almost invincible.

Why is it that us stupid americans use "lbs." as our abbreviation for pounds. It is very silly. "lbs." does not even look like the dad-gum word "pounds!"

Really amazing bro, you should post it. How many light grey two slot connecters does it use? I would really love to know...

108 +/- a few. Just doubled the amount in a tr18 turret, but I'm not sure if the way it connects makes it perfectly double.

Thanks! I do plan to post this (trying to focus on school now though...) and yeah, I'm going to add a piece count, just for kicks and giggles. LOL (and I still have gray connectors for other projects =D)

That's epic and extremely overkill and awesome but yet a little weird looking

Dude lol it looks like the best TR36 I have seen built yet. It looks pretty stinking heavy lol You have to add my new charging handle to it! Don't forget my new stock mod if you do decide to use a charging handle. Either way the new mods on my TR ibles are a must! Pretty cool work Jonny keep it up!

Alright! I'll get to work adding that charging handle and other little things.

Just a random question though, why did these "tr18" style turrets go out of style? Is the tr8 more reliable?

They are just more reliable as a whole however it is not to say they are bad guns. It is just that overall the TR8 is a more reliable gun and easier for a majority of the community to build. It has potential just hasn't been perfected completely

Okay. I do realize that a lot of iblers don't have as many knex so that makes since, but not perfected yet? Your TR-8 has to be very close, there is a lot of features that I didn't even consider until I built it. Mainly the one I like is the rod that supports the ramrod and keeps it straight. Definitely going to try to incorporate that into my next build.

Thank you again for the compliment I do think the TR8 especially with all the mods since the war is an incredibly well performing and reliable gun but the 18 is just not as reliable or well developed

yeah if you check the my TR8 ible you can find the most recent mods on step 7 and 8.

As I've seen before, (with bakenbitz' BR36) this turret is amazing. However, I would never build anything like that as I would have absolutely no connectors left, lol.