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believe me u will like it...hopefully lol
long story short it is designed to b as good as i can get it
the new mods allow for interchangeable grips
a slide can easily be attached w/out any body changes
the firing pin is stronger than ever w/ less friction than ever which equals more power
try out the mods for yourself and as always be safe and have fun!
thanks guys
Zak inspired trigger mod is the final pic...it is a must have mod! -thanks Zak



7 years ago

If I put more than 4 rubber bands whenever I pull the slide back it kind of flips up and the grey connector breaks from the firing pin. Does this slide modification help any?

yes and no
i never use slides because they r less reliable and more in the way if things go wrong
here is what i recommend and use


Yes I like to use the grey connector except I put two y connectors on it and I wrap tape around it so they don't fly off. It is very comfy.

the only problem i can see your idea running into is the part wearing down making it difficult to cock and for that piece to return once cocked...
the way i have the gray con banded seems to work great because it pulls the gray con along the same parallel line and the firing pin... which reduces friction and prevents the part from wearing down... and the way i have it banded will also keep the return band from snapping because the firing pin cant impact it

also be sure to check out my TR18 slideshow recent pics r near the end

hmm it sounds like your using either a worn out black rod aka the pin and/or worn out gray cons for me it works great up to 7 bands but i only recommend using a max of 6 the slide is ok but causes more problems than it solves i have a few newer mods than these pictured which may help u on my TR18 slide show page just mess around with it till u get it right if all else fails using an orange con instead of the gray cons will always work but do whatever u like more

Oh I'll have to try the orange connector. And yeah that's too bad because I have like 20 used black rods so none of them will work perfectly... Oh well I'll mess around with because I have gotten previous versions to work perfectly before.

good mods ??


how do i prevent the turrent from saging?

use new black rods...also the new grip mod helps support the turret/rod connection

for me the turret is to tight and if i wind it to much the rbs come off the tan clip any mods to prevent that?

if u look close here u can c a green connector near the back of the fore grip and in front of the trigger... add that and then clip a new black ball socket onto the black rod that is connected to the turret... if that isn't making any sense lol then just let me know ill take some better pics for u or something : ) good luck its weird b/c my one TR works beautifully and my other need this mod to have the turret rotate smoothly owell

Just finished the barrel and the foregrip; BEST FOREGRIP EVA!

great! im happy u like it....btw here r a few more pics for u btw if u have any questions just ask and of course post pics of the gun so i can help u out man! good luck


I built the NAR from KI, so I know the trigger mech. I made my own handle, and I encased it so it the bottom of the handle connects to the bottom of the stock. It makes the stock much stronger. I changed the hinge connector stock strenght mod to a dark grey connector, and I put some orange connector plates on the handles to make them way comfier. I only have 2 black rods, so I used them for the pin and the guide. Do you mind if I post it? Of course I'll give you full credit for everything, its sooooooooo cool.

Yeah, I modded it to the NAR though. I added Iron sights aswell.

Looks like the ironsights I had on my NAR.

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Well I haven't even seen your NAR so stop trying to rip cred off everyone.

I did at first, but it was so much harder to pull back. Either way, I ran out of grey 1 slot cons, so I modded it to make the NAR. I have a pic, but this lil' 8 inch laptops camera sucks, so the lighting is bad. Here; (C:/)USB_CAMERA_DEVICE//pic.NAR/

Do these mods work on the TR8?

im sure if u modded it right they would work great but it would take a little work i haven't tried so idk

Oh what the hell I'm building the TR18 for the first time.

o and just so u know u can use this foregrip too depending on ur preferences


No way, the other forgrip is soooo much better. I finished it BTW, except for the turret. I ran out of dark grey cons so I only get 12 shots. Its extremely innacurate, because of the auto turning band. It pulls the turret to the side.

You have a solution for everything lol, thanks, but I modded it to the NAR. I have the best NAR eva now!

I've tried the Zak's trigger mod before, but the rubberband either slipped off of the trigger or didn't make the trigger block the barrel fully, resulting in the pin going off without having to pull the trigger.

Damnit, I don't have one of those. I just have a normal yellow connector. Besides, it won't work on a slamfire TR.

Why repost this?

little things here an there that add up to big things id rather not go into em all just know the changes r worth making

Hang on, Where can I find the instructions for this?