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TR8 Answered

Still using the same old TR8 turret?
Tired of tearing apart your hands trying to replace a broken mini pin?
this turret is both sturdy and easy to access the pins for easier than ever replacement
the last thing you need during a war is to spend time repairing your gun with this mod not only is your turret as solid as it can be but it is also as easy to access and replace parts as necessary!
i understand it uses a lot of blue clip connectors so this mod may not be for everyone but i would highly recommend this turret and use it as my standard TR8 turret



Guess now you should see if you can just prevent broken power transfers entirely.

Lol true
It's not that they break often it's like anything over time with enough wear an tear they could break down or wear out
This mod just makes changing them out less of a hassle
Good to hear from you man how have you been?!

They should really design pro K'nex with extra strong pieces and more specialized pieces specifically for high durability builds. We'll have to get on that. =P
And I'm pretty decent. At one of those annoying mental blocks where I want to build something awesome but everything turns to mush in my hands. So instead I figured I'd focus on revitalizing the community. For example, I got the Innovators Contest going on. I'm trying to advertise K'nex gunning on other community websites hoping I can attract other builders as well. I'm also playing with the idea of a podcast in my head just for the fun of it. In fact, if I do start one up, you wanna be a part of it? Just simple K'nex talk, tossing around ideas, talking about new posts on 'ibles, etc. Really just picking up where KI left off with its podcast.

We need metal K'nex!!!

Sometimes I dream about it...

And yeah TD has been a real big help with the community lately.

Metal K'nex wouldn't work, because the metal can't bend. In K'nex, the plastic bends slightly, so you can snap in a rod. In metal K'nex, you couldn't snap any rods onto the connectors.

Incorrect. Metal bends just as well, especially when it's as thin as the connections in K'nex. I mean, take springs as the perfect example. It may be harder than plastic, but that would only mean it would be stronger to build with.

If metal K'nex was possible, then it would cost a lot of money. What would kind of metal would it use. Steel or Aluminum?

nah i like the challenge of using plastic pieces lol
Kinetic i must say i am inspired often by your creativity and ideas! keep it up
TD is always coming up with good ideas too
between the two of you the community should do well
at the end of the day the its not so much about the community as it is about building awesome K'nex guns! lol the community will follow as good designs are built

Yeah, it is a challenge, but it is also a limitation. I just can't wait until I get access to the the part-fabricating machines at college next year. Who knows what I'll be able to come up with.

Idk if you are up to it, but I posted something to sharir on my most recent forum page about what could possibly be the best K'nex gun we have seen yet. And the thing is that I think it is very possible. Imagine a semi (or fully) automatic Tr...

My explanation was really long but I could just copy and paste it here if you want. It would be great if we could get some other minds in on this one.

Here ya go:

There is another concept I had a while back, I'll see if I can dig out the computer-sketch I made...

But anyways:
The reason that full and semi-autos are so difficult to make out of K'nex is because, unlike real bullets, each individual round does not come pre-loaded with a source of energy that can b\easily be released by a smaller source of energy. This could be achieved in K'nex by making pre-loaded "shells" for each individual round that would resemble cocked block-trigger guns, just without the handle and as simple as possible. These could then be stacked and, using the mag pusher as the ignition energy source, they would be pushed up continuously or semi-automatically so that the blocks release the pin and fire the bullet.

However, this poses multiple problems in the areas of bullet portability and in the loading process, as each shell will likely be awkwardly shaped. My idea is to create a cylinder that is fixed to the gun, and houses these pre-loaded pins, but not the bullets. The bullets would be housed in a vertical removable magazine that would line up with the cylinder, so that as the cylinder rotates, either by trigger pull (we could do 3 round bursts with one pull), or by a wound rubber band, the blocks in the cylinder releases the pin just as it is lined up with the bullet, firing it, and then the next bullet would pop up just as the next pin lines up and goes off.

Unfortunately I couldn't find the sketch I made, but I think you can picture it in your head. It will definitely be easier said than done, but if it can be done, I feel it will be one of the best guns ever made.

Bullets can't be as powerful as a full TR. Even my huge 8-shot gatling gun wasn't powerful enough to be useful in a war.

I think it could definitely be done the preloaded firing pins would need to have a guide rod or some sort of support to allow for a greater number of bands
But at the end of the day rods will only shoot so far an oodammo is also limited so the real question becomes is the gun worth using over a TR?
The hassle of preloading each pin once the gun has shot of 3 rounds or w/e the case may be may not be worth I over a TR
however am always up for trying something new if it can beat an or have some sort of competitive advantage over another gun
I think that I may have its place on the field if fin ammo isn't used an oodammo is still the standard but at the same time I believe a swagboss design is near the top of a oodammo shooting gun
Pros an cons to every gun so the advantages are slight when shooting oodammo however the single most important factor is reliability
The greatest gun ever is no good broken
An yet concept gun have there role after all it is all about having fun an making great shooting guns

I get exactly what your saying
I worked on the "bullet" idea a while back came up with a few prototypes but never continued on with the idea
I know the idea will work but making it really good could be tough

When I first saw this I thought this was exactly like the original TR8 turret for a second. It's kinda disappointing we haven't moved past this 3-year-old gun in terms of a good knex war staple.