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I have some wildlife around my property and am not allways there to get photos. Would love a way to take photos without having to be around. I thought it would be cool if a homemade solar panel could recharge the battery for long lasting photo taking abilities. Any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated. I am no to savy so help is needed.


What's your budget? I'm doing same. Right now I've tested my setup with good results. Will be putting in woods by my house or backyard soon.
Here is what I have so far...I'll put up Instructable soon..used Amazon for most purchases.

1)Loftek Newest CXS 3200 Wireless IP cam with Pan and Tilt and IR ~ $80
2)Instapark® 15W Mono-crystalline Solar Panel~$60
3)Sunforce 7 Amp Charge Controller~$16
4)12v Battery 7ah rechargeable ~ $15
5)12v Cigarette Lighter Adapter~$5
6)12v to 5v/2amp cigarette plug adapter ~$12
7)usb to 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel connector cord to plug in Camera-free from extra stuff laying around (camera is 5v/1.5amp)

Works great. Camera has built-in DDNS to let anyone view from web browser. Has motion alarm in software to capture pics or video (a lot of other free software out there with more options). Can view from smart-phone with free app too!

Some work around is needed for night IR viewing as I'm using glass display dome to water proof the cam (IR light will reflect off glass and render cam useless at night, though fine for daytime as cam switches IR off when its light out)->solution is to mask IR lights or even cut the wire to them and run external IR illuminator outside the water-proof dome. Got one from Amazon,
YY Trade IR30 - 60-90 degree WideAngle 30 LED Indoor/Outdoor Long Range 50ft IR Illuminator ~$20 shipped. Haven't tested it yet as should arrive today.
I'll be using cigarette y-adapter and running IR illuminator off same battery with 12v to barrel connector wire. The IR Illuminator only comes on at night with light sensor. Will throw more IR coverage than built in camera one anyway.

Any thought anyone?

Wow, that sounds fantastic! I wish I was able to hook something like that up but I haven't really got the time to learn how...

I'm looking for something around GB£150 as I couldn't get hold of much more for it, so it would have to be pretty cheap for me, yours sounds brilliant. How are you connecting to the internet, have you got a computer always running indoors?

If you get an instructable made please post it here, as I would love to give it a try!

Hopefully will post soon. Its is really easy to set up (especially after I get pics up). Mainly splicing wires, setting up ip webcam. I have internet pc on always running but you don't need to as the router will always be on so it will push video to the internet thru the webcams built in DDNS so it is viewable thru web browser.

One quick note-I upgraded stock 3dB antenna on camera with larger 7dB from ebay ~$10.