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TV-B-Gone Codes? Answered

So I was wondering if anyone had the TV-B-Gone codes in a .wav or .mp3 format so that I could use them on my ipod like this.
Anyone have any idea were to get them or how to get them?


Your link doesn't go to any specific topic. I don't understand how you could use the code in an audio format. Unless the IR transmitter your using is connected to the iPod's audio jack and flashing based on the tones produced. I'm guessing thats the sort of thing you where trying to link too.

For those who don't know a TV-B Gone is a small universal remote that can shut off almost any TV with the push of a button.

My bad. I downloaded the file earlier and remembered the site. I returned to it later to find the link, but it wasn't the one I found earlier. The correct link was http://www.compendiumarcana.com/iraudio/tvbg2wav.zip.

The 44.1kHz 8bit wav works on my Samsung Galaxy Ace the best. Now I just need to figure out how to map out my IPTV box remote..

Bottom of the page in http://www.compendiumarcana.com/iraudio/ has the download link for package that contains the IR2AUDIO program for making new WAV files and has also the tv-b-gone wav in 44.1kHz/48kHz 8/16bit. As a protip, it generally works if you have WAV-files, sometimes the playback from MP3 is garbled because the MP3 codec cuts high frequencies. Or thats what I've read..

Whats a Tv-b gone?