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TV-B-Gone Pwnage @ Best Buy! Answered

My friends I go to best buy and turn off tvs. I built to tv-b-gone kits from scratch for it. Sorry for the video quality, I had to hide the camera more or less. Enjoy and Comment!




9 years ago

Haha, this gave me a great idea : next halloween, make a Magneto costum, with one tv-b-gone on each shoulder, and just walk in the shop "sucking" power out of all those TVs as you walk by !!!!

LOL! That is so hilarious! I am definitely going to mod a TV-B-GONE!!!

perfect use for Tetranitrate's usb spy shirt, mabey youre just bringing your laptop case in cuz it looks cool. Awesome video though!

:0 great idea, whereable shirt that has a bunch of IR leds with conductive fabirc (you get a girl to wear it so that it just looks like those shirts with sparkels on it) and all wired to a tv-b-gone. or would that be considered a terrorist threat, whering technology on your shirt. oh, and is this illegal?

oh, and is this illegal?

Not explicitly.

But going into BestBuy and squaking loudly isn't explicitly illegal, either. But there are a whole lot of "nuisance" laws that can be applied to almost any behavior they don't condone.

And as a private property retail establishment, merchants also have broad rights to detain or eject you for any number of reasons....which the store itself can define, and keep private from the general public.

or would that be considered a terrorist threat, wearing technology on your shirt.

I fully expect to see legislation introduced soon, outlawing DIY electronics in many more public venues (as apparently already applies in airports.) Hopefully they won't actually become law...

so basically the most they could do is get annoyed and ask you to leave the store or something? I think I'd make a belt or something that works from a distance of 100 feet so that I could look like I'm looking to buy a game and tv's are turning off

It's likely they'll just question and release you. But they can detain you, call the police, charge you with any number of violations. (of course, they have to catch you first.)

The law considers merchants to be the first line of defense against shoplifting, theft and criminal mischief. You could argue that the law (all law) came into existence to protect property owners and their rights. So they have a great deal of latitude in dealing with "difficult customers." Remember, a store is private property.

So what keeps most retailers from being in your face all the time? First, the lost sales due to bad publicity. Second, if people aren't comfortable in the store, they don't come back. Does anyone enjoy being followed around by store surveillance? (they're pretty overt, especially with teenagers.)

But BestBuy thinks itself immune to these customer and PR concerns. They have a long history of draconian over-reactions when dealing with the public. Amazing, when you consider how many times they've been burned in the press....

Could an IR laser be used instead of the LEDs? - I'm wondering if it would be possible to build a very long range 'sniper' version...

Well, you could and people have but the problem is focusing it.
Here is one that use 30 IR LEDs. I know there is one somewere but i can't find the link.

What's a TV-B-Gone?

Lets look at the name. TV- B- Gone. It makes tvs turn off (b-gone) :) They are really fun to play w/ at school.

It's pretty much the equivalent to a universal remote, without all the features.

Looking at an old mobile phone I have handy, it looks like the camera lens could be easily replaced with a single large LED. Would a TV-B-Gone work with just a single IR LED? Can you get "superbright" IR LEDs? I can imagine walking round the store "on the phone", switching off the TVs to my right as I walk past.

I know you *could* do it with a single, but I think it uses 4 either for range, or speed.

Yeah, there are single LED models like this one but there is a special one on pre-order available here in the shape of a phone and it has 6 ir LEDs and the EU and US codes which makes it really great.
For IR LEDs you can get r="superbright" ones. The only thing I have experimented with is the IR angle of the LED. If you can see at the opening video the two center LEDs are a shade of Blue (Still IR Though) to show that they have a different view angle.
Cool Idea Kiteman!

Not really. You need to buy a kit to build it pretty much.

or if you're good at electronics and have a uController programmer... but that'd be inconvienient for the average person, woulnd't it? on a seperate note, I won first place at a state wide electronics competition for middle schoolers, I now get to go on to nationals in orlando florida, yay for me!!!! lol

Yay for you! How did you win? What did you make? This deserves a thread of its own...

they have to go and turn on ALL of those TV's

I know. It is hard because the on code is the same as the off code. So some times you turn off one tv and another turns back on.

shaky camera, why didnt it turn off all the tvs it was pointed at? it just turned off one at a time.... you should add more LED's so it can shut off the hole store lol

Well it cycles through all of the codes one at a time so they were different models next to each other and thats why they didn't turn off. Also it would turn on tvs because the off and on codes are the same frequency. More LEDs would be great. I pre-ordered the new TV-B-Gone Ultra which is in the shape of a cell phone and has 6 ir LEDs and all of the codes for the US and European tvs which is great. It has not shipped though.

That is an awesome idea. Later instructable, tv be gone charm or something like that.

by charm I mean cell phone charm, like a tv be gone that hangs off of your phone while you talk it turns evrything off.

Yeah I was thinking of hacking a 2.5mm jack with some IR LEDs and then just playing the sound of the frequencies as a ringer on the phone but it would not work because ... well Mitch the inventor of the TV-B-gone explains it better here. They have smaller TV-B-Gone you can buy also. Not quite a charm but keychain sized.
Here is a picture.


Well you can transmit all sound as light. The problem is as Mitch says "Most codes use pulses at 40KHz, and audio recordings are usually limited to 20KHz (for audiophile recordings). Also, cell phones limit the audio to even less -- something like 100Hz through 4KHz." So that is why it does not work.

Like a simple circuit using a variable capacitor as a way of changing frequency...

My friend had something pretty damn cool, it's like a TV be-gone but you can change channel and volume, it's just a wierd little remote on a keychain but it's good, alot of fun in a bar, we put on the strangest channel possible most of the time...

Yeah I have one. Its called a ninja remote. I sell them at school. I buy them in bulk for $3.15 each and then sell them for $6 or $8 dollars. They even have a normal LED flashlight built in.

Yeah that's the one, modding one of them to drive an LED array could really cause some hell...

Lol, that's hilarious. Nice choice for a song, too.

Hehe. I'm not sure I've seen that one... just heard about it. I knew the song right when the video started playing though. :)


10 years ago

I've built a lot of projects and have a lot more lined up, but this just moved to the top of my list! Great job, and I'm definitely trying this with my friends.

Nice! I hate most big electronic stores. Too bad you can't control other stuff. BTW, about your phone idea, I used to have this thing that used a pda's ir port as a remote, and my dad's nokia has ir, so it might be possible

Yeah. Great idea. I just a crazy ass idea that would be really cool. I don't own a graphing calculator but I know that a lot of them have IR ports on them so I should right a program that sends the commands from the calculator. I could make it a full blown remote. That would be so cool. The possibilities are endless! I could do something like this. What would be really cool is to have a giant data base with all of the codes so that you could control not only the tv but the dvd player and everything else. I am going to look into doing this next year when I get that type of calculator.
Thanks- If you had not made that comment I would of never of thought up that idea!