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TV Lift Ideas Please Answered

Hello Instructables Community,

Looking for ideas on a TV lift. I have a workshop/shed/mancave that has 2 floors. What I'd like to do is frame an opening in the second storey floor for a TV to move through between the first and second floors.

Framing the hole is the easy part (licensed carpenter). The part that I need help with is getting the TV to move up and down. I would like it to work with either a wall switch or button on a harmony remote or something.

My first thoughts went to cables and pulleys with a winch of some kind, then a garage door opener turned vertical, then gear racks and pinions ... I don't know what to use for the motor or controls. Would love to hear any ideas!

Appreciate the brainstorming help!



3 years ago

Haha... Right now it jut looks like a dirty old garage with a hay loft up top. But I'll change that!

Cool - don't forget to take pictures of your projects as you go along - they'll make cool instructables.

As for your actual question, I'd be inclined to go with long lengths of screw-threaded rod - if the motors die or the drive shaft snaps, your TV won't plunge to its doom.

Could you send me a picture of the threaded rod you were thinking of... I know what threaded rod is but any kind i've ever seen is so fine that it'd take 20 minutes to thread something 8'. Am I right to assume I could then use any electric, shaft motor with the threaded rod pinned to it or welded?

I have a workshop/shed/mancave that has 2 floors.


Let's see it!