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TV sports blow. Answered

I hate sports on TV.  In math class today, we were talking about how some major league baseball player who gets paid at least 1 Million dollars per year has a batting average of .235, which is pretty lame.  Why the heck do people pay tickets or watch TV just to see average people play baseball or basketball or any sport actually? 

In that case, why don't people pay to watch kids play basketball in the gym or to watch adults play softball in their free time?  It's the same thing, the only thing that the people who play sports in their spare time don't have is a huge corporation backing them up and putting their faces on TV.

Secondly, it gets in the way of programs I want to watch.  I turn on the TV at the advertised time to watch Family Guy, which was at 7:00, and instead I get to watch a baseball game with sub-par action.  I don't really care about who won what game, and I don't see how this is any different from sports games that adults play out of their spare time.  

To make it worse, kids at school just talk and talk and talk about the sports games.  Shut the hell up people!  I don't care about the games, I don't care who won, I don't care about that pass or slam dunk, stop wasting my time.  

Boycott sports.  Don't buy tickets, don't watch games, and DON'T BUY ANY TEAM JERSEYS THAT STORES HAPPEN TO SELL!


I see your point, I love playing sports. American society (at least) holds a majority of its emphasis on sports. Sports stats make math easier to understand and more fun (for some people) because it utilizes a real life example. If TV sports are terminated, what is you suggested form of alternate entertainment (because the people will demand more)? Are you an athlete? That will change your view. You can learn a lot by watching pros.

Well, first off,
1 million dollars is next to nothing compared to what some of the players make.

And secondly, in my town, we DO pay to watch the kids games.

First off, this was just an example.

And secondly, the kids don't get paid.

You're right, they don't.
The money goes towards paying for their equipment, which they own.

Not necessarily...a school could own it and let them borrow it.

You don't get it.
This way, the kids actually own their own equipment.

And what is your definition of "kid's games"? Are you talking middle/high school, travel, or just standard park district/public recreation?

Middle school, district, and provincial.

A, AA,AAA and B.

I'm not familiar with that system. In my area, there's high school, middle school, travel, and park district/recreational "REC".

I'm not sure what you mean. As in they borrow them individually (even though it's not theirs), but they don't share it? At least where I'm from, they don't give kids their own equipment...the organization lets them borrow it, or they're responsible for providing their own.

The kids buy it themselves, then every game they play  they get given money to help cover the cost.

Maybe you are experienced in a different type of organization...we don't get any money earned from ticket sales. It all goes to transportation and (tournament) participation fees.

No, I don't understand what you're saying.

For middle school basketball, we were given uniforms at the beginning of the season and had to return them at the end. That is how almost every school sport works.

The only situation (from what I interpret of what you're saying) is travel sports, where the kids actually buy the equipment from the organization.

The money goes to the organization/school to buy equipment that it allows the kids to use, but the kids return it at the end of the season. I've played sports for nearly 12 years, I think I know a little bit about it.

I'm talking about sports that actually require a lot of equipment, like Hockey and Football. For basketball, all they get is a "pinnie".

Softball/baseball requires a lot of equipment. They don't buy bats for you...you can borrow/buy bats, bags, and helmets through them.

As of late, you should change your username to DJ Whiner. Life is not fair, buckle up and get used to it.

At least in math class,  sports was relevant to figuring out batting averages and you know the real difference between having a million dollars as opposed to only having a few.  You do make the choice to not pay to go to a game and find something better to do.  

I think you ought to find an interesting sport to do, it doesn't have to be any of the popular ones that everybody always talk about.  Major league stuff really doesn't interest me either but I did  fencing and orienteering.  Doing something fun will change your outlook and it's good to get away from the computer every once in a while.

btw, they pay those guys millions of dollars in basketball,  I can't believe how many times they miss a foul shot from the line, lose the game by 1 point and blame some other play on the loss.

dj no offance but u do while a little and fencing is a fast paced game that is totaly fun i do it and so can u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps find the i

It's in the second line, about 1/5 of the way from the right.

Whatever, you seem to have missed the point of my topic.  Don't get me wrong, I like sports, but sports being broadcast on TV annoy me.

The i is in the second row of exclamation points, past the eighth or ninth exclamation point (They are too small to properly count)


Yes, but I don't have a choice on TV programming, when they say Family guy comes on at 7, I expected a Family Guy episode, not a baseball game.

Don't get me wrong, I like playing sports, but just watching sports being played feels a bit lame, not only does it waste your time (and possibly money), you don't get a part in any of that action.  I think playing sports is fun, but watching sports on TV is lame.

In that case, I should get 1 million dollars because I can block more shots than anyone else in my PE class.

I was waiting for House to come on and the baseball game was on. Really pissed me off. Damn extra innings.

What really sucks is when they're still in the 8th or 9th inning for whatever reason.

I guess they've publicized it and glorified it? I love sports, but I don't enjoy watching professional contests. I prefer going to high school games because the kids are doing it for their love of the game, not because they're being paid.

I agree with the part about how whenever you turn on the tube to watch family guy or the simpsons there is always baseball on. But I would in no way want to boycott sports. I love sports. Not watching them but many people do. I say we should just have them play sports on the channels for that. There are a couple in cable designated for that and like a hundred for it on satellite. Play the sports on those, not on other channels.


8 years ago

Get a blog, and stop whining on ibles.

Have you been through some kind of time-corridor and aged 30 years? Try "Hey you kids - get off my lawn!"

(No I don't like these things either)



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There are many people who love sport, love playing games and in the open air, love the physical exercise, and many benefits that come from keeping active.

Turn your TV off, it's crap and fills your head with mush.
About these people being payed millions, that's what the industry is worth, there's the money going into that team so they can pay money for players.

Football (Soccer for internationalites) doesn't phase me, when I went to college there were lots of guys talking about the latest matches, upcoming matches &c. Just learn to ignore it all.

Good luck with your boycotting I myself will go and enjoy running about like a headless chicken (you should try it sometime, it can be fun!)

First view and comment!!!  I will have to say I disagree when you say that these people are "average".  These people have put countless hours into becoming what they are, and they deservcve to be recognized and rewarded for that.  However, the pay is completely ridiculous.  In a time of national recession, Tiger woods is making over 100 million dollars a year, while people I know are losing their jioobs.  I belieeve that these people whould be recognized for their accomplishments, but I also think that sports is a little overrated. 

Hello, the math class was talking about this guy who make millions per year and he only has a batting average of .235, which is lame for an MLB player.

 I actually agree with most of your points, I find televised sports incredibly dull. My family (a bunch of sports nuts) recently took me to a Mariners game that went into extra innings with the super exciting score of 0-0. I found watching the room lights in the distant buildings slowly turn off and on more entertaining.