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Table Saw Issues Answered

My table saw tracks are narrow and I cannot use them for anything. I am wondering if there is a way to build a new top. I want the top to be accurate, but I have no idea how to go about this. I know I would like it to be functional with jigs with rails on both sides to accomodate different fences. Any ideas would be great. I have looked around the internet, but no luck. Thanks for any help. (Ryobi, 10"saw, with stand)  - Corn Dog


G'Day Mate

go to eaglelake woodworking. com google it, its prity close to that name, no space maby
called a super sled.
look under video projects and scroll down,
im about to publish an instructable on one my self.
Good Luck
Broken Board


If by "tracks" you mean the miter guide slots -- You can make runners that fit them out of hardwood, or buy runners to fit them (either adjustable or made for that particular saw). Check woodworking supply shops if you want the latter.

Have you looked on the Ryobi web site for the appropriate accessories to your saw? You should be able to get guides and jigs that will ftr the model you have.

You can make your own top for the saw. I suggest you use MDF and the thicker the better. My thought is what size is the tracks and why can't you use them? The simple solution that I've done in the past is make a cutting sled and make the sled ride in the tracks. It is safer to do this IMHO plus you dont need to try and remake the entire top. Plus it acts as a zero clearance plate for the blade which helps with splintering on the cut pieces. The draw back is if your doing a lot of angle adjustments on the blade you need to make a differant sled for each angle or a sacrifical plate for the sled.