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Table Saw Torsion Box Answered

Hi all, I'd like your expert opinions :)

I have a hobby size table saw which i'd like to expand. I'm planning to build a torsion box that surrounds the saw top.

Do you think a torsion box with a cut out will be sufficiently strong, or will it reduce the torsion box properties too much?

I was going to use MDF, would ply be a better option or does it not really matter?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

P.S. If you have a better idea please say so.


The torsion box will be stronger if you add a skin to the bottom too.
Also some legs will add stability.
You will also need to make slots in the MDF so you can use the miter gauge
properly. Or you could cut the MDF top into four pieces and space the pieces
during assembly so as to create the miter gauge slots.
Therefore it would be best to beef up the spots where the miter gauge slots will be.

I left the bottom skin off for illustration purposes, I don't actually think it would be a torsion bow without it :)

I plan to build a cabinet to support the whole thing.

As for mitre slots, hopefully I can find some U channel aluminium, then route a channel.

The closest project that I have seen to your idea is a Table Saw Station. I like your idea because it provides space back and front to slide your piece. I think that MDF wich you can glue to the frame is your best option (screws do not work very well with MDF). 

Yeh I think I'll definitely be using MDF. I've just bought a nail gun, that should do the trick along with loads of glue


I'll try to remember to take pics and upload as an Instructable.

To cut the square hole for your table saw you have the option of a jigsaw or a saw drill bit. You can get better results with a router but you need to create a template with the right dimensions.

I will use my jigsaw, it's not that important to get it 100% accurate.