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Tact Switch Help Answered

Hello, I am making a lamp using some LEDs and I'm going to use a tact switch for it, (Its too complicated to explain why I'm using a tact switch for a lamp) but I'm not really sure how to use it. The tact switch I have has 4 pins on it. Which pins do I connect where? Also, does it matter if I connect the resistors to the live wire or the ground wire? Thanks folks.


i just clip 2 of the leads off.

. Use an ohmmeter to determine which pin is which. It may be marked on the body of the switch: NC = Normally Closed, NO = Normally Open, C = Common.
. As long as the resistors are in series, it doesn't really matter where they are. Convention usually has it as: power source, switch, resistors, LEDs, back to power.