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Take Part In The Analogue, Digital and You Questionnaire Answered

Hi there friend!

Lomography wants to know about the role analogue and digital have in your life and how you feel about the dominance of digital technology. Is this trend positive or a necessary evil in this day and age? What do you think?

Digital technology is undoubtedly a core part of our daily lives. How comfortable are you about being constantly within reach? Do you feel naked if you leave the house without your phone? Or do you love the freedom being without technology brings? We’d love to know
Do shooting on film and and other analogue activities help you keep a healthy balance between being online and offline? We would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to fill in the questionnaire and share your thoughts.

Also, please remember to hit ‘Submit’ at the end of the questionnaire otherwise your answers will not be registered.
Thank you in advance for taking the time to do this.

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5 years ago

I feel like the survey covered a lot between analogue and digital aspects of everyday life, but isnt this a photography forum?

I think there is a place for digital and analogue photography in this world. The more artistic and creative my idea or project is, the more I want to use film, as it gives off a more creative vibe. Not only is it more creative looking, but you have so many more options to be creative anywhere during the proccess. As for digital, I feel it's a huge improvement on commercial photography. Film is expensive and time consuming, so in order to be the most efficient at commercial photography, (which is where most of us photographers get our income from), digital makes much more sense. Not to mention, with digital there is no risk of any kind of film grain or light leak that might affect the appearence of the product, which is really important for commercial work. I

've put two links to some of my instructables below that I feel demonstrate the differences between the artistic abilities of film, and the commercial advantages of digital.




6 years ago

It will be interesting to see the result for this survey. I am willing to predict a difference between older and younger views in regards to technology. More people in the lower socio-economic status during their childhood lived more "analog" lives than young people today. I touched my first computer in 1986, on my first year of college. It was an university's Commodore 64 for word processing my chemistry lab results. I saw my first cell phone the next year. It was a case with a shoulder strap and a telephone handset and only VIPs had them. I got my first home computer in the early 90's as a gift from my wife. It was a Pentium 2 with 32 megs of memory and a 4 Gig hard drive. I thought that the future had finally arrived!


Reply 5 years ago

If it was the early 90's it would not have been a Pentium 2, that was released in 1997.