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Take Thanksgiving to the Next Level! Project Contest Winners Answered

I hope your Thanksgiving was as exciting and competitive as mine! Of the 42 people that came over for dinner, I beat them all by gaining an unprecedented 5 percentage points of body fat over the course of the dinner!

Ok, maybe not that much, but I did eat until I was literally sick, and can feel comfortable saying, "I took Thanksgiving to the next level."

From their projects, it's clear the winners of the Take Thanksgiving to the Next Level contest did too.

Grand Prize
These three projects will win beta Eye-fiEye-Film cards. More information here.
green chile fried turkey by drEel
modular pie-cosahedron by turkey tek
Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie by dently

First Prize Package
These three Instructables will win On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen by Harold McGee and a Tanita UM080 Scale with Body Fat and Body Water Monitor.
Cloth Napkins by HeresyOfTruth
Turkey Treats by FrenchCrawler
Xtreme Buddha's Non Vegan Delight in a Skin Tube by MrMunki

Second Prize
These projects will win one year magazine subscriptions to their choice of Make (digital or print version), Craft (digital or print version), or ReadyMade.
$7 Non-Stick Rolling Pin by jess
'Antique' Holiday Molasses Cookies by ian
Cranberry Relish by LasVegas
DIY 41-inch uberHDTV (3 150 x 1 680) - 3 x 20" monitors in portrait by acfou
How to fry a turkey by rbhays
Leftover cranberry relish cake by lisarea
Pumpkin Pie Dessert Squares by GregDDC
Scratch Pumpkin Pie by Tool Using Animal
Statistical Analysis of Turkey Cooking by trebuchet03
Thanksgiving Calculator by spacejockeys
USB-Powered Apple by randofo

Thanks to everyone to who entered and to the people who helped judge the contest: canida, honus, kinawera, leahculver, mever, noahw, numberandom, puffin_juice, and zieak.

Original Thanksgiving contest instructions here.



11 years ago

So.... errrrrrr.... how do I get my prize?


Reply 11 years ago

I'll send you a private message with instructions. I didn't do it immediately because we've got a new section of the site that is being finished up where you'll get your prize...


Reply 11 years ago

Ok, I sent all the winners a private message just now. If you didn't get something from me, send me a message.


11 years ago

Congratulations winners!