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Take a Nap Answered

Naps: they are no longer for drool emitting grandparents passed out in armchairs. TAKE ONE! It will help boost your alertness, creativity, mood, and productivity in the later hours of the day.




Sadly, they frown upon it where I work ;-)

i get headaches if i take a mid day cat nap.

that way you can stay up until 3am until your dad wakes up and gets mad from you drinking alot of damn mountain dew :-D

Dammit i was just about to publish a forum topic on this very article/picture and i glanced down at the featured topics bar and saw you had already done it. i wrote like 3 paragraphs as well !


10 years ago

That's a very nice, one-page overview - where's it from?

A fiend of mine was a sleep consultant for companies - helping to plan odd shift schedules etc. - so I already knew most of this from him.

Naps haven't worked quite as well for me in the past, but that may be because I tend to oversleep the 45 minute window, or perhaps I just get to the groggy slow wave sleep stage faster.

What has helped a lot for me, is if I have to do an all-nighter for an important project, I try to get an hour and a half of sleep in, so I get at least one full sleep cycle. I also make sure I get some sun on my face in the morning, so my biological clock doesn't get confused.

its from the Boston news and mail i think

Did you just say a 'fiend' of mine?

Thank you for giving me a good excuse, nay a REASON, to nap!